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Author Topic: Snowstorm [Open Source Project]  (Read 1857 times)
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« on: March 03, 2009, 02:31:02 PM »


This game currently has nothing to do with snow, winter, cold, etc. The name will soon change. Snowstorm was an old and crappy WIP TDS I made a long time ago that I never finished. The only ties this game will have with it is that I might make a snow level that would be called "Snowstorm". All graphics are currently temporary but that may change.



Please tell me about any bugs or things you see. I would like to learn how to use 39dll and how to use it efficiently so if you have any expertise in that area, tips and help are welcome! Please, unless I ask for them, don't give me "ideas". From my own experience, people love to give ideas that are gamebreaking/totally irrelevant causing an unintentional spamming of the topic, I don't feel like dealing with that. Smiley

Things I can do:
 X A movement system that is semi-realistic and has a stamina bar
 X Quick weapon pickup/drop
 X Simple textbox system
 - Actual working weapons
 - Enemies w/ half decent AI (attacking, running when fired at, etc.)

Things I can do with practice:
 - Different game types
 - An interesting story
 - A full campaign

Things I will need help with:
 - Online multiplayer
 - Coding tips/advice

Also: Please don't take this game and claim it as you own. Sad
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