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Author Topic: Orbs Competition  (Read 1980 times)
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« on: October 14, 2015, 11:06:33 AM »


a competition is about to start for my game called "Orbs".

The competition works as follows:
The competition starts on 10/17/15, there will be a player wipe on that day. You can determinate whether the competition has started by the 'message of the day' displayed on the login screen.
The competition ends on 10/24/15.

The goal is to rule zones. This can be done by capturing constructs, which are placed in the world. There are currently 2 zones that can be ruled. But in order to be rewarded, you need to reach the end of the world. After reaching the end, you are prompted to enter your email address to claim your reward. Only the top ten players with submitted email addresses are being rewarded. The reward is real money, the amount depends on the total duration you managed to rule zones. 1 hour equals 0.50 Euro, so there is a prize pool of ~84 Euros. Please note that money transaction fees may reduce the final amount by a small percent. You will be contacted by email at the end of the competition.
You can see how long you ruled zones on the leaderboard, which is linked from the official page. Note that the leaderboard rank does not equal the competition rank, only the zone ruling duration counts towards the competition.

Because this game is still in a testing stage, unexpected circumstances may occur which can result in a cancellation of the competition. In this case the top ten players who ruled the longest are being rewarded. (you need to manually send your email address to me in this case, specifying your ingame name)

Do not take the competition too seriously, this is still a game, we want to have fun, okay? It's just a nice bonus!

It is also legal to prepare yourself before the competition. You can do that right now:

Good Luck! Have Fun!
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