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Author Topic: Super Slæm Tournament  (Read 1656 times)
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« on: November 25, 2015, 02:06:28 PM »

This game started as a simple project to get to grips with Unity. After getting a working prototype up and running in a very short time and playing it with friends I realized it was super fun and would be an ideal project to try and 'take all the way'.

I am working on this at night after working a full day job and tending to the family  Yawn.

The game is not the most original, but I hope to make it the most polished and fun homage to the old applet.

The feature creeping started and I decided to add powerups and an inbuilt tournament mode. I also decided to create a slæm creator to be able to customize your slæm for the tournament. I also want to make a single player "campaign" with varying difficulty. Also I will have unlockable customization options. Did I mention how little time I have to work on this? Tongue

For those that do not know this type of game it is a local multiplayer "pong with gravity" volleyball game with semicircle paddles.

Checklist as it stands (sort of in order of priority):
[v] Fine tune gameplay
[v] Basic power-ups system
[v] Character customization system
[ ] Tournament mode
[ ] Backgrounds (arenas)
[ ] Single player campaign (AI)
[ ] Finalize customization options
[ ] Unlockable customization options
[ ] Finalize power-ups
[ ] Audio (sounds and music)
[ ] Finalize UI
[ ] Juice it up!
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