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Author Topic: Free Voice Over Session for the Right Game  (Read 789 times)

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« on: December 03, 2015, 02:57:09 PM »

I'm scratching my head a little to figure out if this is the right place to post. Basically, we're going to evaluate some games, and one person wins a really cool and unique prize that should help with your game development and promotion. If I got it wrong, please go easy on me! Will be checking back to the forum--this is not a fire-and-forget post.


My company, Seespace Labs, is a voice over studio specializing in character dialogue for games and animation. We are planning to make a demonstration video of how our actors can ad-lib dialogue quickly to use in a video game. We are looking to partner with a game developer to create this, and that game developer would receive at least a half hour of high-quality voice audio from a pro actor for absolutely free. For some perspective, 30 minutes of recorded dialogue from a professional voice over service typically costs in excess of $1500.

This is an ad-lib session: Meaning you would not give us a script of specific lines to record. Instead, you give us some situations to improvise around. Our actor creatively comes up with the lines. You are at the session too via Skype to listen to the performance and ask for tweaks. We’ve recorded hundreds of hours of ad-libbed audio. I don’t know a single company that even offers this for games, let alone reaches our level of talent and creativity.

We won’t do this free session for everyone and anyone. We’re looking for a game that really shows off what we can do, and we’ll pick the best game we can for our purposes. (Hey, we’re working for free here, after all!)

To be considered, send us:
•   What genre is your game? What’s the gist of it?
•   Descriptions of one or more characters in your game that could use voice overs.
•   Descriptions of game events that characters react to. It could be things like:
  o   Character walks to edge of cliff and almost falls off of it.
  o   Character sees an ominous, threatening level boss.
  o   Character summons a powerful demon.
  o   Character remarks on the terrible loneliness of the town he’s walking through.
•   Any screenshots or concept art that show your game off. Early stage prototypes and alphas are cool. (I figure if you were already done with your game, you probably wouldn’t want our help!)

We’ll pick the best game for this project. Here’s what we’re considering:
•   Does the game lend itself well to including voice over dialogue? A game with some story to it is probably a better than one without. If no story, then it’s still possible that there are many situations for a character to react to with dialogue.
•   Does the game look cool and interesting?
•   Is there a playable prototype? The closer to being finished, the better, but we’ll consider games in any stage.
•   Are you an easy person for us to work with? Organized? Good communicator?

If we agree to work with each other, here’s what to expect:
•   We’ll talk a little more to discover the situations in your game best covered by ad-libbing.
•   You’ll need to attend the recording session via Skype on a specific scheduled day and time in December or January that will fall within Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8) business hours.
•   During the recording session, there will be a little showmanship to make a good demo video, while we also address your project. You have to allow for us to achieve both goals. You can’t send us specific lines to record in this session, because it doesn’t fit the goal of demonstrating adlibbing.
•   After the session, we’ll send you high-quality, unedited audio recorded with the voiceover actor. It will be up to you to go through and pick out the right clips to use for your game, and edit out things like breaths, mouth noise, or unwanted pauses.
•   Audio will be licensed to you for royalty-free, no-strings-attached use in your game.
•   Your game will be promoted in the video, and we’re happy to include a link to it.

If you are interested, please send me an email to [email protected] include the subject “free voice over session” and include the info described in the “To be considered” section above. Links to pages that answer questions are fine, but please don’t make us dig around too much for the info.  Deadline is December 16th, 2015.

I hope to hear from you soon!

-Erik Hermansen
Producer, Seespace Labs
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