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Author Topic: Metaworld - Online Open World RPG  (Read 5133 times)

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« on: December 05, 2015, 09:16:36 AM »

Metaworld (working title) is an online RPG iterating on the concept of a simulated world in a multiplayer environment. It offers an autonomous open world in which community of players can develop and prosper, fight or cooperate.

At its core, the game is a sandbox (M)MORPG providing multiple game systems with a content built around tools, classes and a world. All the usually man-made content is either player-created (cities, factions, guilds...), procedurally generated (environment, quests...), or simulated (meteorology, tides...).
I must precise that all the building is done by placing elements on the map, similarly to a city builder. No voxel-style building here.

The game does not have an 'endgame' as it starts immediately when a player creates a character, due to its horizontal progression. Character building, community and politics, exploration, cities constitute the primary game objectives, just to enjoy a different life in a different world with its own rules.

Main features
  • A vast half-handcrafted, half-generated open world - system complete, content to create
  • Dynamic environment - WIP
  • Player built cities - WIP
  • Semi-instanced housing - designed
  • Moderately fast target-based combat, oldschool style - complete
  • Flexible class and equipment system - complete
  • Skill-based progression: no levelling - complete
  • Deep crafting and gathering systems - WIP
  • Autonomous environment with procedurally generated content - WIP
  • Competitive ranking - designed

It's impossible to be exhaustive on the gameplay without being boring, there's just too much to say, so if you have any specific question on the elements above or another aspect, I'll gladly answer! And probably improve this post in consequence Smiley


On a beach at low tide, with some far away mountains:

A player city. Built-it alone for dev purpose, but that will be a bit more complicated in the final version:

The character editor (video below):


The character editor:

Testing the view range. While it's not that impressive, it's still a must watch if you like open worlds:

A compilation from the September multiplayer test:

Some of the major fixes done on combat consecutively to the September multiplayer test feedbacks:

The early version of the map editor, it won't be in the game, but it's something I've a lot of fun to see in other projects, so I showed mine too:

The first video of the game that I ever uploaded. A good way to assess the progress since July:

  • Techology... Client: C#/.Net + XNA, to be changed for MonoGame at a later date. Server: C#/.Net.
  • The game has been prototyped from 2011 to 2014, while the current version is only a few months old
  • The graphical inspiration are 3D Dot Game Heroes, Cube World, Wakfu and all the amazing 8/16 bit tile-based games that ever existed Smiley
  • The gameplay inspiration are OGame, Caesar III (and other Impression Games city builders), Aion and ArcheAge.
  • I am the sole (and motivated) developer of the game, I've worked in the game industry for most of my professional career, my main jobs having been Server Developer and Lead Gameplay Developer.

Follow the development!


Dev Blog


And I'll keep updating here, of course Smiley

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