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Author Topic: Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation Game! inspired by SCP  (Read 2222 times)
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« on: February 17, 2016, 11:03:24 PM »

Hey, we are developing a Monster-Managing Rogue-Lite Simulation game.

Named [ Lobotomy Corporation ]

And we got our motivations from SCP Foundation(Wiki) and Cabin in the woods(Movie).

We really enjoyed these contents and thought 'Why isn't there a game that manages a facility full of these monsters?'

If you think about it, all the games that used these kind of contents are in first-person viewpoint just like 'SCP containment Breech'. (Except Project Phoniex!)

So, we decided to focus more on 'Management'.

The viewpoint is like the one you can see in the game 'Fallout shelter'.

Various monsters will appear that are from myths, fairy tales and urban legends.

Actually each SCP's have too complicate and special Containment Procedures to make is as game.

So we twist and create own creatures and simplified, focusing on features.

Each monsters has the most suitable management process for them and this work is done by the facility's employees.

Wrong instructions will lead your employees into panic and death.

Just like how your mind melts down in Cosmic horror, your employees will panic in a situations that they can't handle.

They will show activities such as wandering about and committing suicides and murder based on their value.

And sometimes, monsters escape and ruins the facility as well.

We put most of our focus on the dead scene for the visual part.

Because we liked how the game Dead Space portraits and show different kinds of dead scene for each different monsters when it kills the player.

Anyways, we are developing this kind of game as details are stated above, we want to share different opinions, ideas and even questions with you.

You can check out the images and detailed explanations of the game from our website!

Website :  www.lobotomycorp.kr
IndieDB :  www.indiedb.com/games/lobotomy-corporation
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