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Question: Do you like Tower Defense Games?
Yes - 11 (33.3%)
No - 10 (30.3%)
Sometimes - 12 (36.4%)
Total Voters: 29

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Author Topic: Do you like Tower Defense Games?  (Read 2162 times)
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« Reply #20 on: September 07, 2016, 01:53:44 PM »

I've played and loved Tower defense maps since the first (correct me if im wrong) of it's kind: 'Turret Defense' for broodwar. It always amazed me how ingeniously complex systems of choices that these homebrew mappers could come up with.

So far however, i have never found one stand alone TD-game to catch my interest for even a couple of minutes. (Atom Zombie Smasher was a good take on a similar concept, but i don't think anyone would consider it a TD game) the thing i feel that all stand alone TD games lack, is what i like about the best maps of the Starcraft and WC3 era: the best ones were the most challenging, that forced you to balance your towers between what is powerful now, and what is a worthwhile investment upgradewise... Some games even took it further with complex economic systems and crazy possibilities for teamplay strategies... What all modern TD's lack i feel is that feeling that every choice, and every coin of gold counts and has to be spent wisely. The possibility of loosing should be very real and felt. I have many find memories of finding some new TD and spending days and nights with a few friends trying to crack it - how do you prepare for that particular wave, what sacrifices can be made at what point etc... It's no fun when you can focus on the first type of tower you think sounds the coolest, then stick to those and slowly upgrade while the game goes through the most repetitive grind you have ever experienced, and it does so mostly even without your input hah...

I know the genre can be brilliant, so i have really been wondering when the first truly good TD would see the light of day Smiley Some names i remember would be Mountain TD, the allready mentioned Turret Defense (one of the most unique of it's kind), the mauls got old very fast... And most names were so similar i can't think of any more lol. Was there an Army TD? Where you had standing forces more than towers.. Very good one. There were some genius maps that was seldom hosted, the world does not need another line TD or Maul etc... But i really hope you try your hand at it and manage to do something cool Smiley

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« Reply #21 on: September 07, 2016, 05:14:25 PM »

I enjoyed them as free warcraft 3 maps when I had tons of time free for videogames. I think I've hated all of the comercial TD's I've played since then

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