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Author Topic: Ghost Bird  (Read 14808 times)
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« Reply #140 on: September 15, 2017, 05:51:54 AM »

Oh, no, the screen warp is TOTALLY fine. I love it.

What I mean is, when you reach the edge of the screen, the camera stops dead against that edge. It really clashes with the otherwise very weird-smooth visuals. I don't know why but it feels really off to me when I'm walking along a screen all warped and strange and the camera suddenly stops moving. It takes me out of it. Maybe it's just because your visuals are extreme enough that it takes me out of my normal platformer headspace in which I fully expect to run into camera walls like that...

Still, though, it bugs me.

To be clear, this is a very normal thing for platformers to do, but in this it feels jarring.

Love the carrying heavy stuff animation btw. I didn't notice it when I made my last post!

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« Reply #141 on: September 15, 2017, 03:58:12 PM »

ohhh ok i understand!
You're right, i hadn't really considered not doing that because it's very commonplace.

I may play around with that idea, i think you're right it would be less jarring. and it may even solve some people's complaints about the visuals being hard to look at

For the first room of the game i plan for it to be completely pitch black, and all you can see is your eye outline, so having the camera move with you in that area would make it really hard to know what you're doing. So i'll either have to scrap that idea or just keep the camera like it is, or find some other workaround.

Thanks a lot! :D

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