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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperArtWorkshop [Rev Share] Seeking 2D artist solely for infographics, model sheets, textures.
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Author Topic: [Rev Share] Seeking 2D artist solely for infographics, model sheets, textures.  (Read 1237 times)

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« on: May 12, 2016, 07:22:59 AM »

[Rev Share] Throne of Lies (Online werewolf/mafia) seeking 2D artist solely for infographics, model sheets, textures. 40% complete. Low scope.

Imperium42's new flagship title, 40% complete: Throne of Lies (www.Throne-of-Lies.com) seeks an additional 2d artist to make promotional infographics and model sheets + textures for the 3d artist.
We're progressing fast and started marketing early already. Our conceptual demo was even used as Unity Technology's demo at GDC 2016 to show off their new features.

A pretty portfolio with proof you have experience with infographics, model sheets, and textures and willingness to participate and have fun Smiley That's all. It’s basically part-time and remotely.

You will receive 1% Kickstarter cut PER hour worked/wk. You will additionally receive 1% Rev share cut PER hour worked/wk. You can choose how much you'd like to work up to 5% rev share and 5% Kickstarter. This model has worked out pretty well so far.
Example 1: If you want to work 10hrs/wk, you will get 5% kickstarter 5% rev share.
Example 2: If you want to work 8hrs/wk, you will get 4% kickstarter 4% rev share.
...and so on. You can LOWER it any time, but you can't go back up unless rewarded for being beyond-satisfactory (some of our team members have doubled their percentage so far).
We are a very laid back team - so expect memes and bad jokes! But at the same time, we are very serious about fulfilling our hours.

** How to apply**
Send all relevant info to [email protected] for inquiries, and if you make it to round 2 we'll have a chat on Discord. This is also an initiative test; so try to guess what such an artist should provide to a hiring agent without us asking Wink

Thank you for your time~ Smiley
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