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Author Topic: Complete Guide to Building a Full Game using C++ in Unreal Engine  (Read 1670 times)

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« on: May 13, 2016, 08:29:52 AM »

Hey Community!

I'm starting a series on building a full game from start to finish in Unreal Engine. This will definitely be a C++ focused series. We're aiming for AAA quality here, so there will be a ton of clever tricks along with a load of great resources as well.


Game Concept
A wizard FPS game. Essentially, spells and powers instead of guns. The goal is to create an FPS that requires a little more strategy than simple run and gun along with the addition of some neat perks such as achievements, loot/gear to increase player stats, along with a single/co-op player campaign with a hidden questing process that allows you to unlock more levels and fight bosses. It'll be a fluid process and we'll document the changes as we go through the series.  

Anyway, if you find this useful or are interested in this series, please subscribe, post a comment, etc..  

Twitch - Live Stream Usually 8am EST Weekdays. This will probably be pretty boring as I won't be talking much. Concentrating Smiley

Game Build Tutorials List
1. Designing Our Game
2. Choosing a Game Engine
3. Intro to Unreal Engine
4. Adding Character Movement and Mesh in C++

Let me know if this is interesting and I'll continue to update as we go along. Thank you!
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