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Author Topic: WarsimRpg - A Free procedural kingdom management game  (Read 1546 times)
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« on: November 22, 2016, 01:38:51 PM »

Hey guys this is the current changelog, for Warsim, the game is being developed and the previous changelogs can be seen on the reddit sub www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg

* Added 64 New roof tiles
* Fixed roof tile spacing issue
* Added game race explanation (credit /u/voliol)
* Added 10 new names to the name generator
* 18 new flag parts
* 12 new building tilesets
* Modified Barbarians
* Added berserker race
* Fixed raid and invade counters reading all
* Added total raids and invasions and skirmish counters
* Added Metal race type
* Added Steel races types
* Added Warborn race type (stronger people, slightly more populated)
* Added Weeping race type
* Added Vile race type (evil)
* Added Sentinel race type (special guardians of an artifact)
* Added Psychotic race type (evil)
* Fixed hall of artifacts text bug
* Added new artifact "Obsidian Sword" that is only gained by destroying a sentinel race (ie sentinel dwarves) you have to be the one to destroy them!


download the game for free at www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg
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« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2016, 03:00:17 PM »

Little update today, adds a new building type called diamond mine which can be found only in kingdoms of dwarves, making them far richer than any other miners, also added a new races, witches, who have no face files currently, the black market can also be lost to the bandits if you don't garrison it, I've fixed a few little bugs, added a new tile pack for rooves and a bunch of dwarf faces, multiplying the amount of dwarf faces by at least 10, enjoy!

* Fixed the obsidian sword text bug
* Added diamond mine building for dwarvern kingdoms
* Fixed emmisary of war result text bug
* Added witches race to the game
* Added Ability for black market bandits to overrun you and take back the black market if you own it
* Added 22 roof tiles
* Added 3775242240 new dwarf faces

download the game for free at www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg
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« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2016, 04:40:46 AM »

Todays update's biggest feature is vassilisation, though it's not complete it's a start, currently you will be able to vassalise a kingdom that doesn't hate you too much if you have 5 times the troops they do and are hostile to them, they will provide you with a tribute of 20% of their income each turn, in future this will be greatly expanded! also some new race types a few fixes and lots of new tile sets to play with!

* Added Leopards/were-Leopards/half-Leopards/Leopard folk/evolved Leopards/shapeshifting Leopards/Leopard men
* Added Cougars/were-Cougars/half-Cougars/Cougar folk/evolved Cougars/shapeshifting Cougars/Cougar men
* Added Beetles/were-Beetles/half-Beetles/Beetle folk/evolved Beetles/shapeshifting Beetles/Beetle men
* Added Butterflies/were-butterflies/half-butterflies/buttefly folk/evolved butteflies/shapeshifting butterflies/butterfly men
* Added Buzzards/were-Buzzards/half-Buzzards/Buzzard folk/evolved Buzzards/shapeshifting Buzzards/Buzzard men
* Fixed sell soldiers and knights options showing when unavailable
* Fixed incorrect rents screen for independent kingdoms
* Added ability to vassalise kingdoms with 5x less troops than you
* Vassal kingdoms provide you with 20% of their income
* Added 12 new building tiles


download the game for free at www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg
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« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2016, 11:29:46 AM »

Fair update today, quite a lot of fixes in this update, and some more work on vassalisation, probably the best things added today are the ability to squeeze more money out of your independent vassals and the grand champion score no longer fluctuating to the point no badass champions ever last in the arena! Hope you guys enjoy it

* Fixed names crash bug
* Sell menu bug fixed
* Fixed not enough gold issue with peasant recruitment
* Changed exit to end your turn for clarity
* Block independent arena and slave post being accesible when non-existant (credit u/asideofapplesauce)
* Fixed indepedent kingdoms gaining only one lands worth of income per turn
* Added gain more gold from vassals
* Heads and tails northern tent now kills you (credit u/asideofapplesauce)
* Fixed grand champion battlescore changing (credit u/iamlenb)
* Vassilisation status now shown on attack screen
* Vassilisation status now takes priority over alliance status on diplomacy screen
* Fixed game crash Hobogoblin bug
* Added ability to adjust the amount of money your vassal pays you in tribute each turn
* Added relation drop chance for vassals with high tribute rate
* Fixed typo on main screen (credit u/Beware_The_Sketch and u/VedVid)
* Removed excess line from vassal screens
* Added 12 roof tiles to the game

download the game for free at www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg
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« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2016, 10:32:58 AM »

This is a pretty decent update, we've got a lot of bugfixes and an age old bug I hadn't managed to figure out until now, several minor factions had a massive edge on their attackers thanks to a missing 'o', gotta love coding, but now the balance has been restored, unfortunately this made the demons so much weaker than before that they had to be buffed up to compensate, I have also added a new artifact you can buy at the artifact market called the Friend of the Fearful which allows you to communicate with Xenophobic kingdoms, added a few changes to the reports screen, added the slave rebel faction to the diplomacy screen and added some flags to the pop-up groups who have diplomacy abilities, got some cool stuff in the pipeline too but I'm going to keep quiet about it for now! Hope you guys enjoy

* Fixed shallowrock mine report showing lower income than real income
* Fixed artifact hall obisidian sword bug
* Added Friend of the Fearful artifact to the artifact market which allows you to communicate with xenophobic kingdoms
* Fixed Aslona gold bug in vassalisation
* Added announcement in the turn reports screen when the demon horde rise
* Added correct grammar for general's pre-attack message
* Stopped you starting on a combat phase in a new game
* Removed a massive bug that overpowered the following factions, (Wagon man's trading company, Royal Bank, Pest group, Slave Revolt, Village of Rihhm, Village of Smallhaven, Combat Academy, Holy order of roses, Outpost mercenaries, Orcs of fort Gorthmek, Slavers, Titans, Demon Horde
* Fixed bank guards using holy order knights to defend themselves
* Buffed Demons from 300 battlescore to 666 battlescore
* Fixed ability to speak to deserter faction when it doesn't exist
* Added flag for slave rebels
* Added flag for deserters
* Added flag for pest group
* Added slave revolt to diplomat screen (Requires 80 diplomat skill to talk)
* Added ability to bribe and hire slave revoltists but unlikely to work if you have any slaves
* Removed useless mercenary diplomacy screen text
* Added Troop count view to Kingdom reports screen
* Added ability to free slaves and slave soldirs to kingdom reports screen


download the game for free at www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg
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« Reply #5 on: December 04, 2016, 05:34:43 AM »

Some big updates to the independent kingdoms this time, when a kingdom is destroyed you can visit them in the diplomacy screen to see a little obituary, also you can now hire troops from neutral or allied independent kingdoms (the limit being that the units combined battlescore is greater than 2500 so if there were demons with battlescores of 500, you could hire them down to their last 10 but no more) aside from that there is a new tab in the independent kingdoms screen called battle logs which shows who they've attacked over the years! sorry for the delay in the update started a new job recently and had a lot of stuff going on in the mean time

* Added ability to hire troops from independent kingdoms!
* Fixed vassal tribute screen showing wrong percentage always fixed on 20%
* Added dead independent kingdoms can now be visited to view their obituary
* Added battle logs to indepednent kingdoms screen so you can see who attacked who
* Buffed krut recruitment +1 berserker +1 tribal
* Buffed erak recruitment +3 tribals
* Buffed krut income from around 30 gold per turn to 130
* Buffed Erak income from around 30 gold per turn to 140
* Fixed bug where bandits tribals berserkers and demons wouldn't defend aslonan lands unless they were a certain quantity of them
* Fixed levy aslona troops option only available at 0 relationship
* Fixed no deduction of 150k when you upgrade the black market

download the game for free at www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg
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« Reply #6 on: December 10, 2016, 02:53:19 PM »

As most of you know every 10 updates tends to be a big one, Todays update is no different, probably one of the biggest updates I've done for the game, this update has added two new face generators for gnolls and witches, courtesy of u/voliol and u/runelfox, also each independent kingdom now has it's own lords, one for each land that isn't their capital, also destroyed kingdoms can produce refugees, also added some new mermen faces, fixed a big crash bug, added some new cheats, and generally moved the game further in the right direction! hope you guys love it!

* Added Independent lords to the game, they can be viewed in the independent kingom screen, each kingdom has a lord for every land that isnt their capital and new lords will be assigned if the kingdom gains new lands, the lords are currently just aesthetic but there are big things coming up!
* Added refugees to the game, when a kingdom is destroyed 1 in 3 chance refugees will survive and form a refugee camp which will be visible in the diplomacy screen, they will have a new leader and only peasant unit troops, you can destroy them, hire them or even provide them with one of your lands and allow them to be re-established which will earn you a 100 relation with them
* Added new cheat (801) Scarcelands
* Added another hidden debug cheat Smiley
* Edited diplomacy screen spacing
* Edited diplomacy screen minor bandits and minor goblins text
* Added 17 million mermen faces
* Added ability to ask general to show race type instead of kingdom name in combat screen
* Added animal generator to generators page
* Updated the games credits
* Modified main menu
* Added fullscreen option to the options on the main menu
* Fixed golem face generator using the wrong colour
* Added gnoll faces to the game (109'212'364'800 total)
* Added gnoll face generator to generators screen
* Added RuneLFox concept art page to concept art screen
* Fixed bandit land crash bug
* Fixed hiring staff no exit from hire screen
* Added Witches faces to the game (16'986'931'200 total)
* Added Witch face generator to the generators screen
* Added Voliol concept art page to concept art screen

get it on the sidebar of www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg
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