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Author Topic: Freerunning Multiplayer Thing [DESIGN DOC]  (Read 4125 times)
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« on: April 23, 2009, 10:28:15 AM »

Now the name is a bit crap, but I don't know how to describe it succinctly.  Essentially, the goal is to create a 3D platforming 'fighter', with a high emphasis on player movement and acrobatics.  Rather than focusing on attacks and how much damage they do, its focusing on their effects on your movement and the movement of your opponents and comrades.

I have a tentative list of moves and the sort, which I'll put down shortly.   However, the other primary focus of this game is to try and make it accessible, and playable in short bursts.  As such I'm trying to keep it to a minimum of buttons using combinations and context.  Anyway, enough faffing about, the moves list is in quotes, so skip down below that if you dont care.

Tentative moves in mind at this point:


GROUND:  Used as boost, crushes stepping pad, stops them from jumping for a short while, slows them down.

AIR:  Used again as boost, more of a double jump, can be linked so long as there are people to jump off.


GROUND: Used to keep moving in original direction, can be used as anchor for quick 180 direction change.  Throws opponent in direction opposite to kickoff direction.
Speed boost for player who kicks off.

AIR: Used to throw self horizontally forwards and backwards.  Most effective when used for a 180 turn?

Needs Refinement and expansion.   More moves and a control scheme need to be finalised.  Need to get a good core set of moves, linking moves, balance issues. 

Combat oriented moves?


GROUND: Spikes Enemy straight up.
AIR:  Spikes them Opponent straight down.


GROUND: Similar kick back effect to vault, though it can be directed.  User remains stationary.

AIR:  Directed throwback, can be used co-operatively to reach areas.


AIR: Sharp downwards movement that can be used offensively to knock down opponents (Drags them down, double fall. kamikaze?), or to cancel movement and land where desired.

In addition to these player moves, I'm planning a horizontal and vertical wall run, wall jumping possibly.

Sorry if this is the wrong place or simply the wrong format.  I'm just anxious to get feedback and ideas, as well as the fact im posting this at 4:30 AM.
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