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Author Topic: Shadow Fencer Theatre [email protected] 2018  (Read 2860 times)
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« Reply #20 on: January 26, 2017, 11:44:49 AM »

Hey everyone!  Been a bit quiet the last few days, mostly due to working on a new build of the game for a small local event, InnovateDBQ.  We had around 75 people check out the game, and got some good feedback.  It was also good seeing groups of people come back over and over to play again.  That’s always a good feeling.   Smiley

We did not however get good pictures of the event though.  When we’d have a big group of people playing, we got busy talking with folks, and forgot to take pics.

So now we are going to mull over the feedback, and plan out our next steps. Figure out the changes or additions to the core gameplay mechanic to make the game the best we can.  But before that, we are going to fix a couple of bugs from this build, and update the web version hosted on Itch.io.  That should be within the next week, so stay tuned for that.  We are going to be asking for some playtesting and feedback, and would love if you are able to help!

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« Reply #21 on: January 29, 2017, 11:33:36 AM »

Working to finish up a few bugs for the web build so we can push it out to get more feedback, including fixing this bug that spawned a copy of every AI player characters....

Maybe we should turn it into a game mode!

New build will be out soon! Stay tuned!

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« Reply #22 on: January 30, 2017, 10:38:39 AM »

Behold! Bloorgan the Mighty!  Commander Jeff stands no chance against this alien lord…. Or does he?  He might… depends on the player really….

So, Bloorgan uses it’s tentacle as it’s “sword” which as of now is the only character that does that.  We plan to make updates to the design of this character since we are not 100% satisfied, maybe replace it’s legs with more tentacles.  But for now Bloorgan is in the game, and will be part of the new demo which we will post tomorrow most likely.

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« Reply #23 on: January 31, 2017, 08:46:24 AM »

Hello Everyone! We’ve been talking about a new demo of the game for a little bit now, but we are glad to say it is finally available for you to play!  Please check it out!

Please tell us all of your feedback, good and bad, because we would love to know what people think.

We put this build together in part for a local event we did, but also as part of the Finally Finish Something Jam on Itch.io.  It helped us to have a deadline to bring the game up to a more polished point that we were happy with.  We also really wanted to update the game online because we get people playing it everyday, but they are missing out on what the game is today. 

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« Reply #24 on: August 23, 2017, 05:47:52 PM »

Hello Everyone!  Just wanted to let everyone know that we have not disappeared off the face of the planet like extras on the show The Leftovers.  Granted, we have not put in as much time on this as we would like, but changes and improvements have been made.  For instance:

  • Completely overhauled the physics in game to provide a better feel of control while still maintaining the goofy wobbly action.
  • Reworked the AI to be smarter and actually react to the players action instead being a sequence of random events.
  • Added a disarming mechanic that can...dis-sword… your opponent.
  • Added a Throw Sword mechanic for those that don’t like to keep nice things.

As well as some other improvements here and there.  This is all over a period of something like 6 months, so really not as much as we wanted.  Life caught up ya know? But here’s the thing; we started working on this more a couple weeks ago or so… and then, we got a nice unsolicited (as far as we know) post on alphabetagamer.com

Here’s a link! We are super happy about it!


We still don’t understand why this article out of nowhere, but we are super thankful, especially since it kicked off a new round of Youtuber Let’s Plays!



(if anyone wants to translate the overall vibe on this one from Russian to English, we’d appreciate that! Otherwise we’ll assume it’s just overwhelmingly positive).

We want to thank everyone who has talked about our game, made videos, and everyone who has played our demo on itch.io. We also want to let those that enjoy our game that we are actively working to make it bigger and better and making it a quality product.

ShuddaHaddaLottaFun Team

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« Reply #25 on: August 23, 2017, 06:31:34 PM »

This reminds me of the into to Battleblock Theaters game. Clever!!

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« Reply #26 on: February 27, 2018, 02:52:27 PM »

Oh boy…. So, apparently I wrote a devlog update to post back in December 2017 about how bad we are at doing updates… and then I never posting the darn thing!

So now it’s been 6 months since our last update!!! That’s real bad.

So this is the list of changes to Shadow Fencer Theatre we were supposed to post about:

  • Improved joystick support (thanks Rewired)
  • Rumble!
  • New (still temp) menu to allow better selections. Meaning Player 2 can select their own character. And if playing solo you can select AI difficulty.
  • Oh yea, Character select… that wasn’t in there before. (we call it “Casting”)
  • And Set select.  (we call it “Scenery”)
  • 8 new characters added (up to 14 total, only 2 more to go!)
  • 1 set added (3 total, 5 left to go!)
  • Music created for 5 sets (some still WIP)
  • Changed scoring system from points to lives, which we are calling “Takes”.  Each time you get stabbed, you are basically messing up the play’s story, so the director will have you use up one of your takes.
  • Added an “Extra Take” rule that makes it so players have to win by 2.
  • AI scripting adds random attacks to reduce some predictability.
  • Improvements on some physics performance by switching out collider types.
  • Set a max velocity to the sword throwing, helps with blocking.
  • Recorded and editing SFX for character deaths
  • And finally added a rotation to the characters when they move past each other.  It was actually a rare occurrence so we never added it.
  • Added a new death transition that looks like curtains closing.
  • Added SFX for individual character selects.

There was more done, but since we didn’t start tracking stuff until recent, well…. It’s hard to remember.  Most of that was behind the scenes stuff, not necessarily additions, but making it easier to work with. Can’t believe I never used Playmaker templates before….

And then this is the list of changes we wanted to talk about for THIS devlog:

  • Fixed sword collision after death
  • Up’d the movement speed/mobility of the characters
  • Fixed some rumble issues when characters are AI
  • Tweaked the Physics to make them barely better
  • Improved AI
  • Numerous other bug fixes including making sure the AI attacks correctly when they rotate
  • Demo loop that triggers when menu is idle (shows off the gameplay)
  • Animations for transitions, etc.
  • New Set - Castle!
  • New Set - Graveyard!
  • New Set - Wild West!
  • New Set - Zoo!
  • Updated the City Set
  • Visualized a popup for Extra Takes
  • New Character - Jusborn the Frail (wizard)!
  • New Character - Butch Cactusi (a cactus… man?)!
  • Animations on the menu
  • A new ShuddaHaddaLottaFun website! (www.shuddahaddalottafun.com)
  • A new Teaser Video for Shadow Fencer Theatre
  • And probably more….

Holy cow, that’s a bunch of text.  Here, how about watching our new teaser video

In more super rad news, we are going to GDC! Shadow Fencer Theatre was selected as an Indie Game being showcased at the Intel booth on the expo floor!  We are super excited to be showing off our game in our first major public showing!  

We have much to do until then, and will be very busy.  The plan is to do an update after GDC to talk about how it goes.  But at the rate we do things, we’ll forget, and the next update will be sometime around the year 2057.

Peace out!
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« Reply #27 on: March 21, 2018, 09:56:10 AM »

Hey All!

Just wanted to say "Hi".  Also, we are demoing Shadow Fencer Theatre this week at GDC, so come visit us at the Intel booth in the expo hall Thursday from 10am-2pm!


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