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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperPlaytestingSmintheus Beta - 2D, Adventure, Puzzle, Crafting
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Author Topic: Smintheus Beta - 2D, Adventure, Puzzle, Crafting  (Read 1063 times)
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« on: February 14, 2017, 09:04:46 AM »


Adventurous 2D Puzzle game where you build your way out to the solutions. Game offers classical puzzles as well as "Smintheus-style" puzzles where solution lies through building various gadgets. Expect some fighting as the main antagonist together with other hostile creatures will try their best to interfere with your progress.



There are two ways to play this game: using mouse or keyboard. You can combine controls if that fits your needs.

So, with mouse's left click you perform most actions: from interacting with game object to selecting stuff. There is only case where right click works - clicking on protagonist will show you Fastbuild menu, designed to fasten building process. Double click on character pops up Inventory screen. Apart from clicking there is smart cast feature - left click and hold on character, move cursor away and releasing will result to fast attack, sawing objects and shooting. The game was designed specially for this kind of control.

I had private testing few months ago and people who played this complained that there is no keyboard. There is now. Here is a full list of keys. Keep in mind you can remap keys in the "Options > Controls > Keyboard Mapping" section.

WASD - Movement
1 - Select Wrench
2 - Select Saw
3 - Select Pistol
4 - Select Sword
F - Confirm / Select / Use Item
Q - Access Fastbuild menu
Left Shift - holding it with put you in a "selection state". Shift + WASD will make you interact with passable objects such as Bombs or unfinished constructions.
Tab - Access Inventory Screen or Go back in menus.
F5 - Quick Save
F9 - Quick Load

Note: Check out options menu, it has a lot of options that can be tweaked to ease your gameplay experience.

Beta Limitations:

The game experiences beta stage so expect some faults. However these faults are minor and won't destroy your experience... i think :X

  • Startup Main Menu is minimal: black screen and text buttons on the center of the screen
  • Music is absent: Instead you have nice ambient sound effects.
  • Undone Assets: Some stuff lacks animation or SFX
  • Limited Levels: 24 levels of planned 42 are done.
  • Few options that don't work: Control type (Only Keyboard & Mouse) and no volume for ambient sounds

What I Ask For:

  • Bug / Crash Report: without doubt they are in priority. If somehow you manage to own a save file with a bug, don't be shy to send it to me
  • Constructive Criticism: Game is not ideal in all terms, i have no doubts in that but this is what I seek most. I think gamedev community is able to provide practical advices and solutions. This type of criticism will help me to be accurate when it comes to fixing issues or changing stuff.
  • Positive Criticism: this will help in marketing. Underline things you like or got impressed from.

Obviously, I want to make this game better. Following this list may help it.

Of course, generally speaking, i'm looking forward for any kind of feedback whether it's good or bad or whatever. You're not limited or obliged to say things filtered through list above. Say whatever you feel like sayin'!

Opinion Request:

These are questions that I have doubts in and want your opinion about them.

1) I really don't like the idea of having HUD. Private testers asked for it and they got it. I'm planning to remove it by default (can be turned back via options) and display most of the stuff on the main character. Like 1 hit point left? He'll be having a blackeye and look like he just got beaten really hard. Got shield buff? Display a helmet on him. Boots bonus? Boots drawn etc. How should I cope with idea?

2) Originally i wanted to include "Help" section in the menu. Some sort of built-in wiki (more like ufopaedia from x-com games) where player can read about things he/she don't really understand. Is it worth time investing?

Hardcore Mode:

Wanted to note this out. There is hardcore mode there which turns timer on, makes cat more lethal and grants ability to completely loose the game Smiley. Be careful though, not advised unless you're one of these hardcore game masochists.  


PS: Thank you for your attention, folks. Oh, yeah, Happy Valentine's Day - Love you all :D


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« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2017, 12:23:06 PM »

Meh, first issue... some computers with HD screens won't scale game properly on fullscreen. If you one of these people, run "GameHD.exe" which will launch game on 1920x1080. Temporary fix.

I've updated the game archive, so no worries for new testers. Those who downloaded before and encountered this issue, just download this file and extract into the game folder: GameHD.exe

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« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2017, 01:05:02 PM »

Another Beta update!

For linux users - here is download link. Make sure u read the "Readme" file, it has some dependencies.
Not very stable, but should work. There is 90% chance that Fullscreen mode will be screwed.

Tested on Ubuntu 16 (Kylin) and Lubuntu.

Smintheus Beta - *.rar (50mb)

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