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TIGSource ForumsCommunityDevLogs [PC/Console] Idearum - TahuTahu Studios @Stugan
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Author Topic: [PC/Console] Idearum - TahuTahu Studios @Stugan  (Read 2079 times)
Tahutahu Studios
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« on: April 28, 2017, 04:14:36 AM »

Idearum is a platform game in 3D, developed with Unreal Engine 4, mainly for PC although we hope to be able to expand to the world of the consoles.

The main character, Eidos is an ànima, a soul-like humanoid swallow. Created in Limbo, they been there as long as they can remember. Like a child, Eidos is experiencing things for the first time, so they are very shapable at first. Just understanding the world around them they can decide what's best for them. Because of that, we can see that at the very beggining Eidos is moving stastically and just with time and experiences we get to see their true colors.

Eidos starts with no idea of anything, and is filled up with objectives and promises that they can't even imagine.

As for the visual style, it is decided to stay around the minimal visuals, with greek patterns, simple palettes and low poly 3D; not just for the economy in this, but to stand out with its carefully chosen palettes and shapes. Minimalist classical architecture will be the base for Atlantis, with greek reminiscences in order to have some visual reminder that the whole project is based on Plato's theories and work.

Idearum is a 3D platform adventure. Throughout the game, they will propose a series of puzzles that the player must solve to advance in the history. This, however, is only half the game. To discover mechanics and history of the second half, you should wait a little ...


Tahutahu Studios is spread all over the world, in Spain, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Japan. We work at a distance to get ahead Idearum and we intend to join this year in the Stugan program. You can see our application to the event here:

At this moment, we are a 6-people-team, but it is not ruled out that we can grow over time, anyone who believes that we can offer something to our game is free to send us a message!

Andrea Sacchi - 2D/3D Artist
Marta Gil - Level/Game Designer
Anna Bobreková - Writer.
Alicia Guardeño - Programmer
Maggie Bigelow - Music&Sfx Designer
Cristina Carrascal - UI/UX Designer

At this moment we are prototyping the first levels. Our goal is to be able to show you a trailer in late summer, when half of the game is almost ready. Working from a distance is a complicated task, but we manage to organize ourselves to make steady progress. All of our members work on other projects, but we all manage to make time for our game to go on!

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Tahutahu Studios
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« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2017, 06:37:11 AM »

We made it!
Hello, everyone! We are super happy to announce we are part of Stugan 2017! We are so excited to share this experience with all these hugely talented developers. We thought it would be nice to tell you about our adventure in here, so here we are!

As we said in the first entry, we never had the opportunity to meet each other since we live all in different countries. So this was the first time we see each other's faces, it was incredible! Here, in Sweden, there's only three of us: Anna (Writer), Andie (Art) and Marta (Game Design), so we continue working online after all.

You can see other (pretty awesome) games in Stugan here!

Well, let's talk about the game which is the important thing in here! Our programmer is working hard these days. We are fighting hard with Unreal, and we hope we can have the first level completely closed this first two weeks. Art for this part is almost done, here you can see some of the scenarios we are working in.

Here is the desert, this is going to be our first stage. Eidos wakes up in here, without any memories or idea about what is going on. The music would be changing when Eidos walks near the monolith, which is the exit of the level, so the player can notice when he/she is getting closer to it.

Also, we have the first level and big part of the second. In this level, the player will learn how Eidos works and will get used to movement, jumps and objects interaction. The history is going to be introduced at this point too but we'll talk about history in next posts.

(Temporal texture)

It's nice to see how things change from the concept art from the game designer to the final modeling of the artist. Here you have how our level "Ratio" was before and after!


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« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2017, 05:23:56 AM »

Pretty nice! Looking forward to it... Gonna Subscribe to your channel too!
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