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Author Topic: War Legacy - In need of some advice..  (Read 1834 times)

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« on: May 03, 2017, 10:14:40 PM »

Hey there fellow Game Dev's and Gamers!

We're currently working on a team based ultra-realistic multiplayer free to play FPS game which goes by the name of War Legacy. Our primary focus is making sure that the experience is both challenging and engaging for all players. Orkaan Studios wishes to fulfill this by implementing a heavy consequence system where instead of feeling like a super solider that can take 20 hits before dying, you will instead die in a single shot (Depending where you're shot). This will push you to approach most situations strategically, positioning is also a very important factor. The damage system will inherit certain unique and realistic qualities such as bleeding if you are hit in a limb or torso. As a result, this will cause you to eventually slow down. Whilst this occurs, your stamina will also begin to deplete, running will cause the stamina to deplete faster than normal. If you have not been patched up by this point, you will inevitably die. There will be no respawning at all, once you are dead, you are dead for the rest of the match. (If you are like me and enjoy running out guns blazing, you will unfortunately be put down indiscriminately). Each match is either won by capturing the other team’s base or killing the other team. Moreover, you will need to carefully coordinate with fellow teammates in order to defeat the opposing team. All players will be asked to communicate with their team members at the start of each match, whether they use commands, talk in chat or use a microphone. This will ultimately determine the outcome of each match. Bullet trajectory, bullet penetration and armour will have a large impact on one’s play style, their health and what roles they are able to fill. All of which will be set out in a realistic manner. War Legacy will possess a range of many firearms, spanning the historical period of firearms from the beginning of their development right up to this point. For example, War Legacy will have the first gunpowder based firearms right up to modern high tech assault rifles.

We wish to bring all of this to fruition and are currently working rigorously to see that happen. I am posting here as I would like to get your thoughts on the content that we currently have - productive criticism, advice, ideas and friendly remarks are all welcome. We want to be able to approach this in the best manner possible and ultimately succeed, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, would anyone have any great ideas on how we could gain more exposure? if you feel that you can help share War Legacy around, we would also appreciate it.  

Please find our steam greenlight link below:


You can find the current gameplay trailer here:

Additionally, here is our facebook group:


We are currently looking for people that are interested in doing a play test of War Legacy with the team, if anyone is interested swing us a message through out facebook group, we'd love to have you join in, there is a benchmark requirement though. Regardless, thank you for your time and I hope that you are all having a great day/night. Smiley

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