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April 20, 2018, 08:30:37 am

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Author Topic: Eiwee - play and learn music  (Read 1497 times)
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« Reply #20 on: April 04, 2018, 07:57:08 am »

Hello, long time with no news.
Sorry for that!
We are really working hard on a vertical slice of the game so it kept me a bit busy ^^’

Learning music
Let’s talk about music a little but, especially the learning part.

As I mentionned before, we have a skillset with 3 skill domains : rhythm, pitch, harmony
Skills in each domain are linked with a prerequisite system. Well, just think of a graph like this

So skills on the bottom are the first to be mastered.

For example in the rhythm skill domain we can have skills such as « holding a pulsation », « reproducing a beat with a quarter and a half note » or « learning a simple rhythmic loop »

In each musical activity the game tries to assess the associated skills. This is used to calculate the current competence state. So we get skills that are mastered and skills for which the player has mastered the prerequisite. These skills will be those we focus on to propose challenges (or quests) that are just in the player flow zone (actually it's maybe more what we call Zone of Proximal Development: you use competences you already master but there is a new one you have to train for, so let’s do it Smiley

In the rhythm fitness mini game, we have to repeat a rhythmic pattern showed by Mike.
We have a 9 steps leveling and with an increasing difficulty and of course, skills related to each levels.
This is how the music teachers we are working with have designed the levels

In the end it’s a simple game but helped us to polish many of the little features of the game, like the way the avatar and the NPC interact with each other, the feedbacks, the HUD.
We have made these animated emojis, what do you think by the way?

Latency issue
It was hard to notice until we make fast paced rhythms, but we have a latency issue. It seems it comes from both Unity’s touch handling and Unity’s audio processing.
We are currently trying to figure out how to fix this, but I guess we’ll probably have to make our own native touch and sound handling (or get a plugin that does it for us)
Yes, I know, this is an issue we should have fixed a long time ago Smiley

I make games at Kiupe // check our future game: Eiwee - a game about playing and learning music
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