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Author Topic: Sunrush - Abstract strategy with revolving board  (Read 7676 times)
Quantum Potato
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« on: November 06, 2017, 08:10:49 AM »


My friend's 2-4 player strategy game. You are trying to reach the opposite of the board. You have 3 action points a turn.

You have 10 drone tiles to place, you can place 1 anywhere on the board. Only you can move over your own drone tile.

When everyone's taken a turn, you pull out the bottom row of the board and insert it at the top, sliding everything down. When a tile slides down to the 2nd from the top with 1 of your drone tiles, you get +1 action point that turn, letting you move further or place more drones.

You can spend 2 points to return an enemy's drone back to their hand. You have to be carrying your bomb when you cross over to win. You start carrying your bomb but can drop it to lessen the load and get +2 action points a turn.

So the gameplay is about rushing forward, placing tiles to block + trap opponents, timing when you drop your bomb to get extra points + planning how to steal someone else's bomb at the end so you can cross over and win.

Full disclosure: I hosted playtesting sessions, contributed to testing and rulebook writing. I do not earn anything from the project.

I think he's going to post more gameplay videos on the kickstarter.
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