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Author Topic: Inkscape extension for the layout of sheets of cards, tiles, or counters  (Read 6685 times)
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« on: March 03, 2018, 07:13:27 AM »

Today I posted a first pre-release of my free Inkscape extension version 2.1 (almost to the day 10 years since I posted the very first version) for the layout of sheets of cards, tiles, or counters for boardgames (although you can use it or abuse it as just another boring mail-merge tool as well). Would love to get some feedback and I realised I do not think I have spammed this forum (much?) about it in the past, so maybe there is someone here into designing card or boardgames (or making paper prototypes for their digital games) that could find this tool useful. Always good to get some new eyes on it (issues and pull requests on GitHub are very welcome).



Data in CSV, templates in SVG, generates SVG+PNG+PDF sheets of whatever the things are that you want. Adds registration marks to make it easy to cut out the things and all sorts of convenient features added over the years. One important feature has always been the stuff that helps position things properly for two-sided things, so when you want cardboard tokens/markers/counters/tiles with different things on each side that lines up correctly without having to manually position things, that is a big time-saver.

(For production use at the moment it is probably safer to go with the old 2.0.2 release, even if 2.1pre1 fixes some bugs and might be more stable, but it has not been very extensively tested yet so it might have some stupid problems.)

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