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Author Topic: El Taco Diablo - Intense Stand-In-Place Arena FPS  (Read 1810 times)
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« on: March 07, 2018, 11:45:04 PM »

About the Game

El Taco Diablo is a first person shooter about survival, only your reflexes and fast aim will help you. There is nowhere you can hide from the tacos’ evil intent, your only solution is to defend yourself using your trusty sidearm.

Be fast or they will swarm you !

  • Skill based
  • High difficulty
  • Rewarding gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Leaderboard
  • Next-gen taco graphics

Headphones highly recommended !
Mouse and Keyboard only !

About Me

I come from a AAA background working as a gameplay programmer on games such as The Hunter : Call of the Wild and A Way Out. I wanted to do my own games and decided to go indie in later 2016. I have since then been travelling around the South East Asia region with the purpose of making indie games.
I have during that time been working on a few failed prototypes before starting on this project about 2 months ago.

Purpose of the Game
I wanted to try and improve my design skills with this project so I decided on restrictions for the game design. I wanted to see how fun I could make a game without the player being able to move. I didn’t want any sort of persistent unlocks. I took heavy inspiration from games such as Devil Daggers.
Please try out a early PC alpha version of the game and please help me out by answer the following questions.

  • Was the game too difficult ?
  • Did you use headphones ?
  • Did the game feel unfair ?
  • How long did you manage to survive ?
  • What was your strategy for trying to survive?
  • Did you feel the game was unclear ?
  • Did you encounter any bugs ?

Thanks for playing the game !

>> Download <<


Manne Cederborg

Latest Update :
Update 3 - Dynamite and Tumbleweed
Update 4 - Customize Timeline for Spawning
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« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2018, 03:54:49 AM »

It's been almost a month since the last update on this project, but most of the time I have been making a lot of progress.
I took about 1.5 weeks off for Vacation in Bali to recharge and think of the next steps to do.
It helped a lot !

My main concern before was the look of the game, it just didn't stand out. I was looking for bright colors with more of a cartoonist feeling. To do this I needed to learn some 3D-modeling, so I started redoing assets with my style (I used some free low-poly assets before). It was a slow process in the start but now I feel more confident I can make the game look nice without the need for outsourcing.
(I'm the only one working on this project at the moment)

So my focus has been on trying to make it look better, but I also managed to add in some cool new enemies.

1. Die Glocke, another UFO. It will not kill you but buff the enemies around it.

2. Tequila, a projectile that if it hits you will make you drunk for a while. It's both good and bad !
This projectile can also be seen in the comparison screenshot below.

Next few weeks I'm going to keep working on replacing the rest of the assets and hopefully make the game look even better !

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« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2018, 11:37:59 PM »

My idea is to remove most of the UI elements in the game, so for the level up meter that was previously taking up half the screen is now instead a shader on the gun. It looks really nice and I hope it will work out in the end since I really don't want the UI.

Looks brilliant. Great idea too.
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« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2018, 06:43:27 PM »

Another update here on the game !

Still mostly learning 3d sculpting, I ended up remaking the rocks again.
This time giving zbrush a go instead of blender, after getting used to the very strange interface I really like it.
But took a few days to get into it.

This time I'm more happy with how the rocks turned out.

I also worked on a new log asset, sculpted and then procedural generated texturs in Substance Painter.
This workflow is actually quite fast, managed to do the log in a day or so now. Still not very used to all the new tools.
So I imagine a more experienced artist would be able to do it a lot faster.

With Unity 2018 now released I was very eager to upgrade and try out the new cool features.
However I found it to be extremely disappointing and rushed.
I spent a lot of time trying out the new features like the HDR Pipeline, Shader Graph just to find out they are all completely unusable at the time.
They sure will be great once they are in a more final state but that probably won't happened for another year or so.
So for now I will stick with standard renderer and shader forge.

Also here is a jumping Piñata for you !

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« Reply #4 on: May 11, 2018, 12:21:32 AM »

Dynamite and Tumbleweed

This week's focus was to improve the gameplay.
I started the week by adding a dynamite, that once shot will explode.
It feels really good to use it, however it's difficult to explain to the player how to use it.
You need to hold and release space currently to throw it. I might let the player select between shotgun or the dynamite for the "Offhand" by pressing 1 or 2.
I will give it some more thought and try and find a nice solution.
I would love to hear if you have any ideas.

I got the suggestion to make Tumbleweed in the game, so I did !
They currently don't have much to do with the game other than being fun to look at and possible achievements in the future.
I'm definitely going to try and make more fun environmental stuff like this.

Other improvements have been to implement statistics like accuracy, that is now displayed on the score screen.
This took a lot more effort than I thought, I wanted to count each shotgun blast to be counted as either hit or miss.
Since each of the projectiles in the game takes a bit of time to travel I had to mark each projectile with a unique fire id that is generated every time
the trigger is pulled. This way I can easily see if a "Hit" messages for that id had been handled previously. If so I just skip it.

Feels like the game is slowly getting there, I have two more enemies and a boss to implement before the game is feature complete.
Balancing and polishing the game will take significant amount of time in order to get the difficulty just right.
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« Reply #5 on: May 21, 2018, 10:53:48 PM »

Update 4 - Customize Timeline for Spawning

Didn't have too much time this week to work on the game, due to the need to travel.
We are now back in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
If you are nearby let me know !

I realized my way of setting up all my SpawnData for when an enemy should spawn was more or less impossible to handle.
Small changes of adjusting time could take a lot of time and also it was very difficult to see what was happening at the same time.

My idea was first to try and use some sort of Google spreadsheet or application that could visualize the data for me,
since I didn't really want to spend a lot of time making a custom editor for this.
However I didn't find anything that would seam to work nicely for this purpose.

I did some more research and found Unity's Timeline could be a good choice.
It already has a nice visualization and you can make custom logic for it.
The timeline turned out great in the end but it took some effort to work around and the issues with it.
I most have done something like 10 hack's to get it to work, but It really opened my eyes for the possibilities with the system.

Can't wait until Unity makes it more friendly to customization.

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