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Author Topic: SSC '18  (Read 7822 times)

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« on: July 17, 2018, 07:47:00 AM »

Welcome to the first SSC '18!
Note this competition is strictly for fusion 2.5!

Theme: this should be Camp themed Also a Plat-former

Date(S): Starts: July 18 utc- 4 august 18 6:30pm UTC -4

Feel/2nd theme?: 2004-2008ish please feel free to play any games during this time period to get a good grip with how games were then!

Game play duration: 8min-2hr

Music: Music is not required but makes the games much better and so should be in it!

Bonus stuff: Remember only for bonus points wont lose any points! any 3d elements, more relevance to theme, power-ups/bonus stuff in game!

TimeLine! Only for guidance you do not have to follow this at all!  

first 2 days (2/11) Research time era!

days 3-6 6/11 get menu done a few levels story line and meh! graphics

days 6-9 (9/11) Middle and end near done or already completed!

days 9-11 (11/11) made graphics that are good! Play tested game bug swatted! and polish some minor things things added small details/game play elements!

Please submit game down below with the download link!


Also please state if you are going to be participating makes life easier but if you do not you can still enter it before the due date just please do!

Good Luck on the first SSC guys !
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