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Author Topic: Mystery Tournament 13 (Blind racing tournament)  (Read 377 times)
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« on: August 08, 2018, 02:09:16 PM »

Mystery Tournament 13 signups are open.

Full disclosure, I do race commentary for Mystery Tournament and Mystery Fun House and assist with a little of the planning. I also play in each tournament.

Mystery Tournament is a double-elimination race tournament held online where players play games they have never played before to see who can complete pre-determined goals first. The tournament is open to all skill levels, and there is no cost to enter. The tournament occurs twice a year and usually attracts about 100 players. There are no set types of games so you can expect to get a mix of action and puzzle games, and sometimes weird stuff. You'll almost certainly discover at least one great new game by joining!

Sign-ups are open until August 31st. Races start on September 7th. The top 8 players will participate in a finals stream taking place at a set time on Saturday and Sunday at the end of the tournament (TBD, depending on number of players). Most matches are restreamed on the MysteryFunHouse channel on twitch. Finals will be restreamed on bigger channel, usually GamesDoneQuick on Twitch.

There are no (guaranteed) prizes for entering and winning, but it also doesn't cost anything to enter.

Full details are available at the link above. To enter, you'll need at a minimum:
-The ability to stream video games on the computer so judges can watch (Twitch is generally preferred)
-A SpeedRunsLive account (free)
-A Challonge account (also free)
-Contribute a minimum of two games to the pool of games for other players to draw (downloadable freeware or abandon ware games that meet a few requirements for race-ability)

You'll be expected to do one race about every 4 to 7 days during the tournament period. Races will have goals that will take 20-45 minutes for average players, but some races may take longer depending on the players. You'll be responsible for working with your opponents to schedule when you'll have your matches.

If you have a game or games that you wish to see in Mystery Tournament, feel free to submit your own games for others to play. We have a couple of game developers who have custom made (or modified their existing games) for use in mystery tournament. A huge part of mystery tournament is driven by our desire to find fun new games to play.

Mystery Tournament was featured at AGDQ 2017 with several of our regular entrants, so you can watch and get a feel for how the tournament works.

The Mystery Fun House channel does restreams of Mystery Tournament races as well as a weekly blind race of a longer goal (usually 2-3 hours) every Saturday at 2pm EST. Because all races are blind races, you can get the thrill of racing video games without the stress of having to practice for days and weeks to reach competitive levels. Just join, race with us, and have fun and possibly even win.

If you're interested in Mystery Tournament or just blind racing in general, you may wish to join our Mystery/Blind discord (see this page for the link).
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