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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[2D | 320x180 | 4color | Revshare/Paid when Done] Metanet Hunter GT
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Author Topic: [2D | 320x180 | 4color | Revshare/Paid when Done] Metanet Hunter GT  (Read 358 times)
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« on: August 10, 2018, 09:23:13 PM »

Do you wish to flex your pixel-artistic muscles on a relatively easy project? Do you wish to add something to your ever-growing portfolio within the end of the year? Do you wish to make the equivalent of a Starbucks coffee fund because I'm poor, but at least can give something? Boy oh boy, do I have a project for you.

So here's an overview of what I need:
  • Game Colors: 4, Palette Shader can change things on the fly
  • Game Resolution: 320x180
  • Backgrounds: 320x180, can parallax, can animate, can do chef's choice
  • Tiles: 8x8, can go to 16x16
  • General Objects: 8x8 to 32x32 on average
  • Game Stages: 7 for Base Version
  • Game Style: Simple, Fluid, and Kinetic (this applies to art and gameplay)

Now here's a rough guide to what exactly I'd want from you, the final list could be more or less but here's just the bare essentials so you know what to expect:
  • About 7-10 tilesets roughly, all 8x8 things, all simple trash
  • Around 5-8 base enemy types, maybe a few variants of some
  • Stage gimmicks and hazards we can/will coordinate
  • Each stage has a boss, I promise I won't try to murder your soul (just in gameplay, not visual design)

Now here's why you should trust me as a potential "employer:"
  • I make Metanet Hunters for sick nostalgic reasons/creative outbursts/I like toast
  • The last game got on Steam: https://nightkawata.itch.io/metanet-hunter-cd
  • This game will most likely go on Steam/Google Play/as many platforms as we can get
  • We simply need art/levels/to fill in the game, I have already created the base framework and bones, we simply need flesh and muscle tissue to complete the endeavor; I have a soundtrack ready for the game but if someone who's not an artist reads this and wants to make a uniquer one, feel free to contact me
  • We will actively talk about this game and get her world-ready, I will put all of my dirty money into this last easter basket
  • imdabes

You will get half the game revenue, or $500 within 30 days of launch if the revenue you'd make does not exceed $500.
The game will get done most likely by the end of the year if we actively work on it. If we don't, or I can't find anybody, obviously that's a different story. If you can animate sprites and produce tiles/backgrounds, we'll be in great shape.

If you're reading this and you aren't a graphics artist, that's fine; you can either privately message me and get involved with the game's development for shits and giggles (hey why not get your username/name added to a random indie credits list), or you can send me a picture of you flipping me off, but why do you have that much free time on your hands? Either way, anybody who wants to contribute anything to this project will not be stopped, will be marginally encouraged, and may/may not be be rewarded later.

Here's some pictures of the past few games:

I want the game probably in the middle of that GIF and the Metanet Hunter CD look. We do not need it to be very complicated (I want things simple and juicy), and I am more interested in finishing a project than creating a luxury-grade body glitter.

If you are interested in helping design this game to the fullest potential, please privately message me, or form a response on this forum. Your choice.

Please assist me, as I am a simple, self-aware independent game designer that solves problems. Maybe this'll be your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory golden ticket of sorts.
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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2019, 03:38:43 PM »

Gonna bump this since it's been a long while, and I'm still actively looking. If you have any interest, not even in just the graphics department, please feel free to contact me. Or hit me with a hammer, I'm open to that too.
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