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Author Topic: Monetizr overview (reward your players with physical goods)  (Read 335 times)
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« on: October 04, 2018, 08:13:31 AM »

Monetizr is a game reward engine which aims to maximize the potential for developers to reward and enhance the experience for gamers. Monetizr allows utilizing the unused potential of all three key participants of the game ecosystem - gamers, brands, and developers.

We first shipped an opportunity to sell merchandise products right inside games based on key game action trigger points. CASE STUDIES (from Current game studios that use Monetizr)

This way Monetizr allows to follow and utilize in-game merchandise store potential to affect players behavior in several aspects/levels by increasing:

*User engagement
*Brand visibility
*Gamer loyalty
*Player retention
*Customer happiness
*App ratings
*Lifetime value
*User acquisition

This also opens an additional revenue stream for developers where transaction revenue is split between Monetizr and game developer. There is no upfront cost for setting up Monetizr merchandise store in a game since Monetizr’s cooperation model is profit-sharing from transactions.

How to set up Monetizr merchandise product store in your game

Monetizr has developed integrations for iOS, Android, desktop and game engines such as Unity and Unreal. Developers are able to implement product store directly in game code. Integration consists of very few lines of code and complete implementation process takes less than three hours. It is white-label store, therefore it is fully customizable and doesn’t affect experience of your game.

Since Monetizr selects developers for early access, please SIGN UP and Monetizr will contact you directly. Currently, if you wish to sign up for Monetizr in game merchandise product store, do it through this application form: HERE, and Monetizr representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How much can developer earn with Monetizr merchandise store

Based on data collected from current games that utilize our merchandise store, Monetizr has created a PROFIT CALCULATOR.

This profit calculator helps to estimate monthly income based on the number of monthly active users your game has or a number of active users needed to reach monthly income goals.

Monetizr tokenized game reward engine (Sign up for BETA)

Just as arcade tickets provided an incentive for users to keep coming back to their favorite and most rewarding games, Monetizr is now working to introduce a digital incentive.

The developer of a game, at their discretion and based on the game mechanics, can issue this digital incentive to the user. The primary digital incentive will be through a native ERC-20 token, MTZ, that is globally used and accepted in the platform. This token will provide game developers a powerful tool to incentivize user behavior and retention.

Gamers can earn MTZ tokens by playing, by unlocking achievements, and by mining cryptocurrency using the unused computational power of their mobile devices. (IMPORTANT: Players can opt-in and out anytime to use this feature) The MTZ tokens are transferable from one game to another, keeping the player’s achievement history to drive engagement and encourage longer gameplay.

Central to the platform is the company’s blockchain-powered Game Reward Engine, which rewards gamers with MTZ tokens. Players can then use their MTZ tokens — which they earn by playing games and hitting in-game achievements — to purchase physical or virtual in-game products or to exchange to other cryptocurrencies.


Currently, Monetizr tokenized Game reward engine is being Beta tested. To apply for beta, please leave your contacts HERE IN THIS APPLICATION FORM. (we are looking for all platform game developers)
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