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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[Rev-Share] Sci-fi project looking for programmers & texture artists & others
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Author Topic: [Rev-Share] Sci-fi project looking for programmers & texture artists & others  (Read 361 times)
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« on: October 29, 2018, 03:19:06 PM »

Welcome to Really A Studio!

Who are we

Really A Studio (RAS) is an independent game development team. RAS was founded on the 30th of October 2018 as a bootstrap startup with the goal of creating innovative, quality video games. Our incredible team consists of passionate designers, artists, 3D technologists, sound engineers, and content producers from all around the globe working together to create great games. Our first and current project is Astroworks, a singleplayer sci-fi action game set to release in 2019Q1.

We are using 3 platforms for our workflow: Discord, Google Drive and Trello. Further details are going to be shown to you once you’re in the team. Including things like the GDD and other artworks – they’re not that public, we’re not going to throw it at anyone who comes accross, hope that’s understandable.



Astroworks is a story-driven 3d arcade space combat action game. Fight against a galactic megacorporation turned evil with multiple spaceship choices, heaps of weapons and abilities, featuring tons of explosions! Embark on challenging missions which include fighting against swarms of enemy battle drones, blowing up enemy capital ships, sabotaging factories, spaceship races and more!


The game is being made on the Unity3D engine for PC only and will be released on marketplaces like Steam, itch.io and multiple others.

Concept arts



Who are we looking for

First and foremost, be enthusiastic. If you get at least mildly excited over the keywords “game development” or “i made this game”, you’re qualified!


- You have at least a slight suspicion on what Unity is and that it gets moved by C# scripts.

- Be cooperative. You’re going to be working with multiple other programmers using the Gitlab repository.


- We have a few clay models. Most of them are without textures. Can you make textures? Your work would be helped by concept arts.

Game designers

- Level designer, possibly with some experience in Unity.

- Voice actors for characters named like Bad, Good, Cocky, etc…

- Content creators and social media gurus rejoice!

What you’re gonna get

- Revenue shared across team members in percentage of their contributions

- Being part of a community with like-minded folks

- Experience and results you can put into your portfolio


Fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/cvpM0BUjAn95DS6A3

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Thread updated!
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