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May 27, 2020, 08:15:09 AM

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Author Topic: Looking to Pay to make Dream Game (Read Further)  (Read 727 times)
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:17:16 PM »

I have created a document of a game I would like to make. I know it is a very large and if you are interested and do read it the game will seem very ambitious.

I am currently looking for PROGRAMMERS as well as any other help that comes my way.

A little about the game you will read in the document I wrote:
The World of this game is made of many depths of land, areas to explore and a massive dungeon around it as well. There are two main sections of the world: that are the caves and the dungeon.

The caves are a world of minerals and ores to mine, places to find, burn, save, steal, and destroy, depths to dwell in, misery to cry in, happiness to thrill in, sickness, diseases, demon rats, and goblins... many things.

The dungeons are something different from the caves where you are to gather loot like items and swords, mobs to murder, xp to gain, power to keep in, coins to swim in (that would hurt but whatever), and lots of death. Two different aspects of the game: mining and building, and slaughtering hordes of mobs. Or you can do either and just fish, but you do you.
Many elements of the two worlds cross over into one. A truly open-ended sandbox.

The game should be multiplayer? Yes, It will add to the harsh environment and survival elements in place (that you will eventually read about) and you will be able to kill anything and interact with anything in ways you would think you could.

This game will have many systems and ideas, I will list as many as I can: Building, Crafting, Surviving, Different places to go, fishing, farming, stealth, armor and defense, sailing, mechanicals, heating systems, trading, quests, challenges, greifing, gathering, wiring, turrets, stealing, locking, burning, messaging, friending, voice-chat, durability, music making, animal taming, smelting, darkness, hell, way too many weapons and weapon types, metal, leveling system, magic, reward system, a lot of stuff.

Stuff to tell me:
How much are you look?ng for.
Whthe at are needs?
Other things you think of/all questions you can think of.
What can you do?

Stuff About Me:
I speak English well I am just bad at typing out English, I am better at writing (print).

If you are looking to help me that is cool. Just ask, no shame. My name is George if you didn't see it but I prefer George. Just a heads up this is a hobby project (even though I will be working on it a lot lol). Thanks for reading, I will keep you posted.

Feel free to email me or simply just comment here with anything you wanna say about the game. Feedback, hate, love, ideas, whatever... I read.
Email: [email protected]
Discord: https://discord.gg/MPABHwz

Some stuff about me... I have made games before... I am not new to making games..

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