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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[Rev-Share] Need Unity Coder for 2d action platformer
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Author Topic: [Rev-Share] Need Unity Coder for 2d action platformer  (Read 284 times)
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Need More Time !

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« on: December 10, 2018, 11:41:52 AM »

( The game will set inside an crazy underground world ! )

( Aerial View )

( Beginning of the game at a place known to be the end of the World, the final Limit... )

I've worked on a game project long time ago (2014 )
It was an action 2d platformer in the like of Symphony of the night

( 2016 Mockup animation (not done at the time )

I did basically all the levels art-wise and sprites and the characters as well + illustrations for the promo
The project stopped but i managed to get all of my work for me (since it was original IP content, it was total ok with the producers )

One of my friend wich is a coder back in 2016 took his free time and made me a project of that game and my vision
He stopped after a while cause his job took over (wich is normal )

But he made great basis for a complete game we believe in.

The very short demo he made is this :

Nothing killer but as a coder you can already see the work done a bit up there and whats left for a good action platformer to play
For playing, before goin in, check Input Tab in the right.

For the coder who will apply
-Someone well versed in Unity capable of reproduce quality onto a game to make it unique and awesome for everyone
-I'd love someone dedicated even if it's not paid currently, it will be at sales, dev will take 40 and me 60, if the job is stellar, quick and well done, i can go 50/50.
-I'll request a password on the steamworks account to check the game sales by myself (steam and other platform as well )
-Many art wise is totally done so most of the work left would be the coding, i can let the coder have some free-will but there
 is some few ideas i'd love to pass on,  therefore i hope someone who listens carefully a minimum and changes his work
 accordingly, i'll try to not ask for too much retakes.
-I dont mind a coder wich will uses Unity Market Kits works or else, as long it's legal and provides easy retakes and many
 options to test out
-I love love love testing out build playable options so i hope you will too !
-I want the coder to also be responsive, i dont mind bailing out and at any time, just i want some words to explain me that.
-My dropbox is limited to 2.75 gb, the project in unity is 2.2 gb, this project will stay on my dropbox and you'll work on it
-If there is some bail out i'll ask to keep the work done so i can continue the progress a bit with someone else
-If you are interested and wants to know more dont hesitate to contact me at

 [email protected]

(If you send and i dont answer, please send a pm here at least, i'll also check my email spam box )


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