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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[Composer] Looking to build portfolio by making music for tiny projects.
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Author Topic: [Composer] Looking to build portfolio by making music for tiny projects.  (Read 188 times)

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« on: December 31, 2018, 08:26:32 AM »

EDIT 1: More demo songs in link, examples added to lists

Hey y'all,

Looking to do some composing work and build my portfolio on very small projects, for F R E E ! ! ! Here's a handful of songs I've done over the years. I have many more songs in a different account, I'll sort it out in a jiff and add it in later so you can see more of what I'm capable of. About why I'm only interested in working on small projects without getting paid: all my music has been made for/as personal endeavors, so I don't have experience in working with others. Paid work, or working on large projects in any capacity, is inadvisable given my lack of experience in composing for something other people are making/have made. So, I just want small, fun stuff that 1. isn't super serious and 2.  will be finished (I've made the mistake of doing unpaid work for a ambitious project by inexperienced people... never again, that was really stupid of me)!

That way, you get unique music for your game and I get practical experience while building my portfolio, without you having to stress about some guy not finishing the work you paid him for or some other issue on a bigger, more substantial work.

As for genres, I can do:

  • Anything chiptune; I have most experience with NES chip emulation, but I've done a handful of GameBoy stuff, as well as Mega Drive/Genesis sounding stuff (Mega Drive is not my strong suite at all, but check out air base.mp3 in the above link if you're interested).  For NES sounding things, check bravelands, floor 1, floor 2 and floor 3.
  • Jazz-influenced instrumentals, with an emphasis on groove and fun. Check out ​03 - Noircreep ​and 04 - I Have Fond Memories (...) Noise
  • Synthwave, ambient stuff, and more in electronic. Check New Oblivion and Memory Pangs (both aren't mixed well at all, these are old songs that I no longer have the project files for)
  • SNES-style sampled music, complete with that iconic reverberation effect that just make those strings in LoZ: LttP friggin' pop
  • NES sound effects
  • Really basic orchestral stuff, pieces that utilise piano alongside strings and other orchestral instruments in general (still need to download the library I primarily use but that should be done soon). Pinwheel (Tribute).mp3 is an example of this.

I can do the following too, but alas, I do not currently have the proper recording apparatus to facilitate the making of music in these styles for your projects (Should get everything set up in a couple weeks to three months from now... all depends on how my finances work out)

  • Alt. Rock
  • Metal
  • Folksy and Singer/Songwriter music
  • Anything requiring recorded vocals or guitars
  • I'll also be experimenting with foley once I have my recording situation sorted, so look forward to that!

Just show me a project you've finished recently; if I like it, I'll gladly contribute some of my time and ideas to your next miniature, digital romp!

Jams are fine too, but do note to get a good song out I need a minimum of 4-12 hours work, or a 30m-3h for nice, short loops.

Hope to do good work with y'all

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