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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[rev-share] spy thriller social deduction app
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Author Topic: [rev-share] spy thriller social deduction app  (Read 185 times)
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« on: January 15, 2019, 08:28:45 AM »

Hi. I've been making a spy themed social deduction game. Needs 6+ players in quite a large space. Two teams each have a mission, but nobody knows initially who their team mates are.

My notes from various playtests with different groups suggest the gameplay is pretty much there, but it would be much better with a complete UI redesign (based on using device camera instead of text input) and probably more group playtests.

Unfortunately with a full time job and young family I no longer have time to spend on this (hobby) project! So: I'm open to either promoting as it is, or collaborating to take it further. Wondering if anyone would be up for the latter? Roles needed

* ionic developer (or any other framework that allows to keep the current js game logic).
* graphic designer
* animator to make an explain video
* play tester with enthusiasm and initiative to get out there and get it tested with as many actual people as possible

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