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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[Rev-Share] Looking to partner w/ mobile-savvy GMS dev for small witty games!
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Author Topic: [Rev-Share] Looking to partner w/ mobile-savvy GMS dev for small witty games!  (Read 224 times)

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« on: January 25, 2019, 01:52:09 PM »

Hey TIGSource! I really enjoy making fun, bite-sized, one-button games that have weird twists to them. My first, called "Baseball", is cruising on the NG frontpage right now - you can play it here.

I have systems in place to create these games fairly quickly and easily. And I plan on making a LOT of them. The thing is, while it's all well and good to play them on the internet, the truth is I see them having the potential to be some really killer "hyper-casual" mobile games...

Which is why I am looking to partner up with a game dev who knows their way around an app store. Ideally, a candidate for this position would:
  • Have proficiency in Game Maker Studio. (GMS2 is fine, I personally develop in 1.4.)
  • Have access to GMS's ability to port to mobile devices.
  • Either live in, or be able to work around, an American time zone.
  • Have at least a little experience either developing or porting GMS games for said mobile devices, including proper device scaling.
  • Know all about the app stores, their requirements, how to manage a game's performance on them, etc.
  • Have some experience, or be willing to teach self about, Adwords-based banner and interstitial ads.
  • If things go well, be available for partnering up in the long term for multiple similar projects. (Amount of time devoted to this per month can be discussed.)

To be clear, you could have as much or little to do with the actual game development as you'd like. I can make the whole thing myself without too much trouble, but if you ever were interested in helping or had any ideas for the game I'm very very open to it all. Aside from that I'm looking for help specifically with mobile porting, scaling, and app store management. Whatever creative assets you'd need for that, I can easily provide.

This would be a rev-share job, and I mean a substantial one, not like a 90/10 split. We'd be partners and would split the ol' rev accordingly. Not looking to stiff anyone here in this cold, brutal world. Know what I mean?

If interested, please send an email to: [email protected].

Thanks and happy coding and stuff!
~ willKMR
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