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January 29, 2023, 09:54:15 PM

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Author Topic: Warsim: The Realm of Aslona (Procedurally generated kingdom game)  (Read 26639 times)
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« on: February 27, 2019, 08:24:32 AM »

Hello guys I'm Huw,

I'm the developer of an indie game called Warsim: The Realm of Aslona and I'm just making a post to share the games development on this forum, I'll be updating the post with changelogs and relevant developments and updates, the games been in development for over three years already and there's plenty more to come, feel free to comment any suggestions or questions you have and I'll be happy to answer them!


In Warsim: The Realm of Aslona you take the reigns of the kingdom of Aslona in a world filled with rebels, bandits, goblins, and five procedurally generated kingdoms pooling from over 300'000 possible fantasy races that each vary massively. Unlike most kingdom management games Warsim allows you to indulge in being a ruler, maybe you blow the kingdoms coffers on feasts, entertainment, and gambling!

Warsim's world features a mix of pre-made content and procedurally generated content producing a rich gameworld with more possibilities than you might expect, Check out the feature list below for more idea of what to expect and if you're on the fence about the game my advice would be to read the steam reviews as I feel nothing else demonstrates the fun that can be had better!

  • Scores of places to explore including, a giant blackmarket filled with mystery and wonder, hidden cities (that's right multiple of them), Two schools where you can take lessons, one in music and one in history, a procedurally generated newspaper, and tons more, there has been an excessive amount of time spent fleshing out the world, exploration is heavily rewarded.
  • An arena which you can takeover and grow, or watch and bet on, holding giant tournaments and rooting for champions as they climb the ranks and get remembered for eternity.
  • A unique facial procedural generation system that can produce well over 100 quadrillion different faces for a variety of different races from Humans and orcs, to kobolds and treemen.
  • Deal with the throne room, a complex place with thousands of possible encounters and visitors, how will you manage the realm and treat your people?
  • Listen to some procedurally generated music, be it the drum solo of a nervous travelling goblin bard, or the proud music prowess of a well trained vampire showing off with his vampyric lute (or find the music guild and try your own hand at playing these instruments)
  • Tons of random events, no game will be the same, with the kingdoms, rulers and events always being different and hard to predict.
  • Procedurally generated kingdoms, bandit gangs and mercenary groups, never get the same group twice, be they Seafaring Goblins, Fire Orcs, Eyeless Elves or the Famed Half-Turtles of the Western Turtledom, all these races possible and over three hundred thousand more!
  • Countless mini-games played in taverns, your throne room, or around in the world to keep you entertained.
  • And so much more...

- The main Warsim community is reddit with over 1000 subscribers - www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg
- Get the game on steam for $4.99 - https://store.steampowered.com/app/659540/Warsim_The_Realm_of_Aslona/?beta=0
- or Itch.io https://huw2k8.itch.io/warsim

The game has a 96% positive rating on steam from over 100 reviews and is currently ranked on steam250.com's list of indie hidden gems, the game was heavily inspired by games like Dwarf fortress, mount and blade, Elder scrolls oblivion, and king of dragon pass which are all pretty much my favourite games ever.


Here's a bunch of screenshots that make some effort showing the diversity of the game and some of the different things you can see and get up to!

Main game screen

Exploring the Near North, a region of the world.

At the local fight pit (early pre-upgraded arena)

At the Colossal Arena, the highest level of Arena

A few visitors in the throne room!

A look at the districts of the mighty Blackmarket!

A procedurally generated leader of a kingdom of Swamp Treemen

The extras menu (tons of stuff to explore in here)

A travelling gamemaster looking to play one of the many popular tavern games in Warsim called sudden death!

A mercenary leader goblin called Tomk

A walk through the demonic realm!

A look at the town of Goblinwood, a bustling place filled with strange goblin folk

The hallway of the history guild, a place where you can take classes and exams!

A vampire bard playing a procedurally generated tune on his lute!
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« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 08:25:06 AM »

Hey guys, another smaller update this time, some changes to Fort Northwatch and the Thickblood tavern in the Near north, making these areas better and more functional.


When exploring a lot of those encounters with peasants looking for gold were asking for way more money that they should have been so they have been nerfed, it's still random but you're less likely to get such high self worth peasants. Also I had a race of gold orcs spawn in a world and was sad to see their skin wasn't gold, so now it is! And finally, as part of a continued effort to improve the sound of warsim, there is a new ambient track for the main menu.

* Dropped the min and max wage ask for peasants found in world exploration
* Added gold races now have yellow skin
* Added new main menu theme music to warsim


The thickblood tavern is a location that can be, bought or visited, but for some reason you can't just attack it, well now you can, you can attack it, but there's a reason the place is still standing, it's popular with many northern folk and they are willing to die for it, be careful now.

* Added ability to attack thickblood tavern
* Added chance if fort northwatch has over 100 men they join defence of thickblood
* Added random bands of wildermen loyal to thickbloods that will join defence of thickblood
* Added random groups of northerners loyal to thickbloods that will join defence of thickblood
* Added random groups of northern mercenaries loyal to thickbloods that will join the defence of thickblood
* Added new enemy 'Thickblood wilderman'
* Added new enemy 'Wilderman Warrior'
* Added new enemy 'Wilderman'
* Added new enemy 'Retired northern mercenary'
* Added new enemy 'Northern mercenary'
* Added new enemy 'Northern sellsword'
* Added new enemy 'Northern Sellspear'
* Added new enemy 'Northman'
* Added new enemy 'Northwatch bandit'
* Added new enemy 'Northwatch bandit sharpshooter'
* Added new enemy 'Northwatch captain'
* Added new enemy 'Thickblood Bandit mercenary'
* Added new enemy 'Thickblood bandit sellsword'
* Added new enemy 'Thickblood bandit sellspear'
* Added new enemy 'Thickblood Bandit warrior for hire'
* Added new enemy 'Thickblood tavernguard'
* Added new enemy 'Thickblood Clan-claimer'
* Added personal small army to thickblood tavern
* Added thickblood recruit 3 new thickbloods per year (max 120)


Fort Northwatch was rather bland, seeing what could happen with forts with the updates of Gorthmek in the past I decided to give this place a spruce up, now there are a few more things you can do here!

* Fixed northwatch army non-existant and instantly refils every attack
* Added northwatch recruit 5 bandits per year (max 1200)
* Added ability to speak to fort northwatch ruler
* Added ability to speak to fort northwatch local bandits (10 unique dialogues)
* Added ability to hire local bandits from northwatch
* Added ability to learn about northwatch history
* Added ability to watch a brawl in northwatch
* Added new dynamic northwatch buy price depending on public opinion
* Added aftermath for buying northwatch (all of northwatch's bandit troops will disperse among relevant locations and factions)


It's been long overdue, Vylcount has been an active member of the community for quite some time and has been contributing with more ideas than I can count, so I've decided to give him a special place in the living district of Goblinwood in the Wildwoods.

* Added Vylcounts manor to Goblinwood
* Added 5 new dialogues to slums (including reference to old bug) (credit u/Vylcount)


* Fixed weird alliance response tagged as trade route response
* Fixed Eswin century fest dialogue out of line
* Fixed wild skalds band in Dragons kneecap using wrong backdrop
* Fixed wild skalds band in Dragons kneecap dialogue out of line
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« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2019, 09:48:01 AM »

Just a little update here, the main focus has been a little bit of polish on some areas of the game that aren't looking as good as they could be, also the game now has it's own icon finally! Now starting a new game explains your options a little better!


* Added new theme music to the main menu screen
* Added new icon to warsim
* Added new introductory screen to a new game
* Added new screen for choosing a race pack
* Added new cheat 370 to set how many bluetrii you have (credit Omer)
* Added new graphic to troop count screen
* Added new layout to kingdom troop count screen
* Added colour to kingdom symbol choice screen
* Added new screen for symbol choice
* Updated warsim pages and communities page on main screen
* Updated settings screen layout on main menu


Added a new modders toolbox addition, the ability to add your own jokes to the game world, but if you come up with any good ones, share them with us and they'll get added!

* Added new system to modders toolbox to allow users to create their own jokes and riddles
* Added gnome bartab joke (level 1 jesters)
* Added wandering mage joke (level 3 jesters)
* Added giants tales joke (level 2 jesters)
* Added new wizard joke for (level 2 jesters)


Chupacabras are now in the game!

* Added New Race 'Chupacabra Folk'
* Added New Race 'Chupacabramen'
* Added New Race 'Were-Chupacabras'
* Added New Race 'Evolved Chupacabras'
* Added New Race 'Half-Chupacabras'
* Added New Race 'Shapeshifting Chupacabras'
* Added new kingdom type 'Chupacabradom'
* Added new creature 'Chupacabra'


* Fixed kingdom flagpole bypassing ascii filter
* Fixed of i'll advice giver text bug
* Fixed save breaking bug from raiding blackmarket treasury
* Fixed blackmarket main graphic not using kingdom symbol in some areas
* Fixed music resetting if sound available after every brawl (Kenshira, michaelhoffman1976)
* Fixed race packs text not appearing when selecting them
* Fixed wasted space on race selection screen
* Fixed my highscore left on the highscores table
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« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2019, 01:49:31 AM »

An article recently written about warsim, what do you guys think?

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« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2019, 06:44:53 AM »

Just had an interview with the guys at Salad.io

https://medium.com/@saladchefs/salad-si … 429f8b0c9d

What do you guys think?
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« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2019, 07:16:16 AM »

Hey guys, this update is a general update with lots of cool little additions and changes, but I thought I'd entitle the updated after the best feature added, which is Old Croll's pre-game tutorial now having the additional options to dumb it down for you... like a lot, give it a try.


Now you can ask old croll to summarise his tutorial for you when you start a new game, you can switch warsims music for the ominous menu music instead if you don't want the intense music blasting at you while you play, you can now attack Baiaa once discovered, there's a new graphic when choosing difficulty and you get a new kingdom summary screen during new game introduction that tells you the state of the realm.

* Added ability to ask old croll to summarise his tutoring text for you
* Added ability to switch dramatic music for ominous main menu music in game in settings screen
* Added warsim old croll tutorial option to explain it so even a child could understand
* Added ability to attack Baiaa after discovering it (credit Omer)
* Added new graphic for choosing difficulty
* Added kingdom situation summary at the start of every game


The advice system has been reworked which makes it more moddable and dynamic, now there are lots more bits of advice, you can ask your staff for advice and will get more tailored responses from Gar'gallock and throne room advisors now.

* Added new dynamic advice system for gargallock and advice givers
* Added new advice for the great gar'gallock
* Added some additional advice to gar'gallock when blackmarket upgraded
* Added some new advice for throne room advisors
* Added ability to ask diplomat for advice
* Added ability to ask general for advice
* Added ability to ask spymaster for advice
* Added ability to ask steward for advice


Now you can do a little more in the prisons, including arranging fights!

* Added ability to view the prison labour yard if bought as an upgrade (dynamic screen)
* Added ability to arrange prisoner fight (requires 2 or more prisoners)


In keeping with recent updates two new upgradable places with 10 total purchasable upgrades are added, now gain up to 25 goblins per turn and an additional 30% harvest yeild!

* Added new kingdom upgrade (Goblin Hut) 150 gold (1 in 3 chance of +1 goblin per turn)
* Added new kingdom upgrade (Goblin Huts) 1500 gold (+0-2 goblins per turn)
* Added new kingdom upgrade (Small Goblin Commune) 3000 gold (+0-4 goblins per turn)
* Added new kingdom upgrade (Goblin Commune) 6000 gold (+0-6 goblins per turn)
* Added new kingdom upgrade (Small Goblin Village) 10000 gold (+0-10 goblins per turn)
* Added new kingdom upgrade (Goblin Village) 15000 gold (+0-15 goblins per turn)
* Added new kingdom upgrade (Goblin Hamlet) 20000 gold (+0-25 goblins per turn)
* Added sturdy scythes and pitchforks upgrade (5k) +10% harvest yeild (credit Omer)
* Added Iron scythes and pitchforks upgrade (10k) +20% harvest yeild (credit Omer)
* Added Steel scythes and pitchforks upgrade (15k) +30% harvest yeild (credit Omer)


Thanks to vylcount for the new jokes!

* Added new halflings joke (level 3 jesters) (credit u/vylcount)
* Added new dwarf joke (level 4 jesters) (credit u/vylcount)
* Added laugh track to jesters in throne room entertainment


Now the monstrous wolf like Fenrir are in the game!

* Added New Race 'Fenrir Folk'
* Added New Race 'Fenrirmen'
* Added New Race 'Were-Fenrirs'
* Added New Race 'Evolved Fenrirs'
* Added New Race 'Half-Fenrirs'
* Added New Race 'Shapeshifting Fenrirs'
* Added new kingdom type 'Fenrirdom'
* Added new creature 'Fenrir'


* Fixed speak to old croll textwrap bug
* Fixed missing colour to loading screen tips text
* Fixed independent kingdom riot event punctuation bug
* Fixed scrote of the greenskin mining company textwrap bug
* Fixed duplicate pause screen when betting on first fighter in arena
* Fixed diplomacy intro textwrap bug
* Fixed text spacing and colour of all attack graphics
* Fixed exploitable outlaw in throne room changing his offer of gold
* Fixed sword in head hat not having flatline
* Fixed baiaa fight pits infinite loop bug
* Fixed fighter's pit fighters not leaving and fighting eachother repeatedly with longer names
* Fixed map of the south lands mislabelled as option 3 instead of 2 in cartographers hut
* Fixed baiaa destruction typo
* Fixed advice 'haven't live long' spelling error


* Added colour to race intro text
* Added new graphic to arena betting screens
* Updated the colour layout of independent kingdom screens
* Added first time exploration text to help first time players
* Redesigned races of the world screen to prevent textwrap
* Rewrote secret place additional questions text
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« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2019, 01:07:24 PM »

This update took a little longer than I wanted it to, but here it is! This update boasts finally pushing the race generator to well beyond 300k random races that are possible to be spawned in Warsim! 325'142 total. This update also contains lots of changes to the sounds systems within the game.



This is what pushed the races over the edge, now every single animal type can also be a custom race, itself with 'lings' at the end, you can find Doglings and Catlings, Beetlelings and Giraffelings.

* Added 192 new animal race types (Doglings, Piglings, Maggotlings, Crowlings... etc)


This update sees race skin colour more affected by certain race suffixes, so Bone Orcs will now have white skin instead of green, Arctic Gnomes will be blue, Magma Goblins red and so on, this adds a bit more of a difference between races giving more of a change of an immersive world with strange creatures who occupy it.

* Added Bone races now have white skin
* Added Pale races now have white skin
* Added Skeleton races now have white skin
* Added Infernal races now have red skin
* Added Magma races now have red skin
* Added Aquatic races now have blue skin
* Added Arctic races now have blue skin
* Added Stone races now have dark grey skin
* Added Rock races now have dark grey skin
* Added Iron races now have light grey skin
* Added Steel races now have light grey skin
* Added Silver races now have light grey skin


New system for setting music at the start of a game, no more loud theme music if you don't want it, choose between 4 soundtracks, also tons of new sound effects added to the game, these last few updates have seen warsim go from being basically silent with a soundtrack to being far more sound based! hopefully this continues, suggestions for more are welcome.

* Added new music selection screen to warsim
* Added music settings memory
* Added court fanfare sound effect when starting a new game and being crowned
* Added gnome kingdoms have special diplomacy option to listen to native gnome whistler
* Added abomination kingdoms have special diplomacy option to listen to native abomination belly-singer
* Added goblin kingdoms have special diplomacy option to listen to native goblin drummer
* Added vampyric kingdoms have special diplomacy option to listen to native vampire bard
* Added new sound effect to scorpion pit hits (credit u/Dtyn8)
* Added new sound effect to demon horde rising event (credit u/Dtyn8)
* Added new sound effect to Void Army rising event (credit u/Dtyn8)
* Added new sound effect to undead army rising event (credit u/Dtyn8)
* Added new sound effect to slave revolt event (credit u/Dtyn8)
* Added new sound effect to outlaw group rising event (credit u/Dtyn8)
* Added new graphic for wild skalds band
* Added coinflip sound effect in sudden death
* Added dice roll sound effect in sudden death (credit KenshiraTheTrinity)
* Added coinflip sound effect to game master coin flip game
* Added coin sound effect to bank exchanges


I thought it would be hilarious if there were abominations that made fart sounds instead, so now that's a thing, you can find them in ceremonies as entertainment or in the comedic section of your upgraded throne rooms entertainment system, the second weird addition is probably one of my favourite things ever so far, A battle of two gnomes... I'll just leave it at that.

* Added farting abomination to throne room ceremony
* Added farting abomination to throne room summoned entertainment
* Added new gnome insult battle to gnome kingdoms diplomacy (credit u/Dtyn8)
* Added gnome insult battle to entertainment in throne room


Added a couple of new encounters for the throne room, including one where a warrior comes to challenge your first champion if you have one, let them fight it out and take the winner on as the first champion of your kingdom.

* Added 'Man spits at your feet' throne room encounter
* Added 'Cough' throne room encounter
* Added 'First champion challenge' throne room encounter


Jackrabbits and Jaguars are now in the game!

* Added New Race 'Jackrabbit Folk'
* Added New Race 'Jackrabbitmen'
* Added New Race 'Were-Jackrabbits'
* Added New Race 'Evolved Jackrabbits'
* Added New Race 'Half-Jackrabbits'
* Added New Race 'Shapeshifting Jackrabbits'
* Added New Race 'Jackrabbitlings'
* Added new kingdom type 'Jackrabbitdom'
* Added new creature 'Jackrabbit'
* Added New Race 'Jaguar Folk'
* Added New Race 'Jaguarmen'
* Added New Race 'Were-Jaguars'
* Added New Race 'Evolved Jaguars'
* Added New Race 'Half-Jaguars'
* Added New Race 'Shapeshifting Jaguars'
* Added New Race 'Jaguarlings'
* Added new kingdom type 'Jaguardom'
* Added new creature 'Jaguar'


A couple of fixes partly due to the help of u/Harkwit and Vincent!

* Fixed insulting throne room encounters happening regardless of public opinion (now 10 or less)
* Fixed lack of civility diplomacy textwrap bug (credit u/Harkwit)
* Fixed Arena champion intro textwrap bug (credit u/Harkwit)
* Fixed missing word (ironically it's the word 'Missed') in Arena combat (credit u/Harkwit)
* Fixed lack of civility diplomacy textwrap bug
* Fixed ominous music setting not saving with game (credit Vincent)
* Fixed unabled to access secret arena codes in arena
* Fixed textwrap problems with game master court text
* Fixed colour issues with game master court text
* Fixed wild skalds text bug
* Fixed bank loan text bug
* Fixed 'leaps forth with' scorpion pit text bug
* Fixed game master coinflip game randomly kicked from playing bug


Some big stuff here, Rihhm has been upgraded a little, Arena reward is now 1.5x bet instead of 2x and some other features.

* Added new name suffix 'the Infuriated' +50 battlescore (credit u/InfuriatedBrute for the username inspiration)
* Added new arena unit prefix 'Infuriated' +20 battlescore (ie Infuriated goblin) (credit u/InfuriatedBrute for the username inspiration)
* Added code 99 to arena menu to change betting settings cheat
* Added 1 in 6 chance (overridden by business personality) that arena owner will not allow betting (credit u/vylcount)
* Added ability to speak to arena owner about banned betting
* Added Old Bell Tower to Rihhm village
* Added new description of Rihhm village
* Added new background sounds to Rihhm Village
* Added 1.5x gold reward instead of 2x reward in arena (credit u/InfuriatedBrute)
* Coded dynamic sudden death dice game system
* Reworked the sudden death game layout and screens
* Added 10 new gnome names
* Added new messages for loan related interactions in bank
* Added 5 generic advices
* Added 5 advices to gar'gallock of the Blackmarket
* Added 10 advices for court general
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« Reply #7 on: March 12, 2019, 05:52:47 AM »

Hey guys, just letting you know Warsim: the Realm of Aslona is now on sale on itch.io to celebrate hitting over 300 thousand possible races that can be generated in your game world!

It's a game I've been working passionately on for years, it has features unseen in any other video game and has been shaped by the users of audiogames' many suggestions over the years

If you don't already have it, get it now at 25% off (a steal)

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« Reply #8 on: March 15, 2019, 12:28:51 AM »

Wrote an article that breaks down the race generation system and the 300 thousand possible races!


Let me know what you guys think Smiley
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« Reply #9 on: March 21, 2019, 03:39:09 AM »

Ok so as usual this update took a little longer than I wanted, but I needed to make sure all locations were covered with new destruction sounds, and tons of other stuff, let me know what you think!


It's a dumb idea that came to my head, but as anyone who's been playing warsim for a while knows, those dumb ideas often end up in the game, well now any jester who's introductory speech to you starts with the words 'Honk Honk' or 'Wonk Wonk' will say that before every joke or riddle! Also you can find nervous jesters who will often mess up trying to tell you a joke or riddle!

* Added Joke telling jesters now show their face instead of a horse image
* Added possibility of nervous stuttering jesters
* Added possibility of jesters that say Honk Honk a lot
* Added possibility of jesters that say Wonk Wonk a lot
* Added dwarf joke (level 1 jesters) (credit Laughing Gravy)


The Blackmarket has been buffed again, the place is a highly valuable location with tons of population but often a weak and easily beaten army, no more!

* Added 1000 starting troops to blackmarket
* Made blackmarket bandit troop wages half a gold coin per turn (instead of a single coin) to allow for more men to be on payroll without bankrupting the market
* Increased blackmarket troop limit for all leaders (6000 for bandit kings, 4500 for bandit warlords, 3800 for all others)


Lots of new faces, demons by request and halflings due to their use by our new race!

* Added 2'869'278'572'160 (2.8 trillion) Demon faces (credit pinback)
* Added 2'525'644'800 Halfling faces (was 740 million, now 3.2 billion)


A new race, Homunculi are tiny little troublemakers!

* Added new race 'Homunculi' to the game (small humanoids, smaller than halflings) using halfling faces, protofolk names and having terribly low population and strength stats


Tried to go through the list of race prefixes to see which ones should logically change skin colour, so now races will look more and more unique, also three new prefixes! so you can get Ransacking Dwarves, Snow Elves and Desert Demons!

* Added 'Ransacking' race prefix (allows race to raid and gives +3 battlescore)
* Added 'Snow' race prefix (Gives White Skin, +6 battlescore)
* Added 'Desert' race prefix (-5 population level +7 battlescore)
* Added Ghostly races now have white skin
* Added Golden races now have yellow skin
* Added Water races now have blue skin
* Added Frost races now have blue skin
* Added Fungus races now have dark green skin
* Added Volcanic races now have dark red skin
* Added Lightning races now have yellow skin
* Added Bronze races now have brown skin
* Added Arcane races now have purple skin
* Added Flame races now have red skin
* Added Fire races now have red skin
* Added Mini races get smaller faces


A great suggestion from Vylcount, now certain winning brawlers can be hired as a new champion!

* Added dynamic brawl hire system (possible hire for free, or random gold figure) (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added slum pit fighters hireable (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added hired brawler entertainment fighters hireable (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added dragons kneecap brawl fighters hireable (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added thickblood tavern brawl fighters hireable (credit u/Vylcount)


So as with the recent updates, there's been a huge push on getting more sound effects in the game. No longer will Warsim be a relatively soundless game save for the background theme! No! I've been downloading Copyrightless sounds from Freesounds.org and mashing them up. If you have any ideas for places that could use sounds let me know!

* Added new sound effect when taking orb from northern hall
* Added new sound effect when destroying chaos orb (in artifact hall)
* Added new sound effect for Oooh Snakes
* Added new sound effect for destroying Oooh Snake sanctuary (pretty funny)
* Added new sound effect for opening plague box
* Added new sound effect for destroying talent stone
* Added new sound effect to touching doomstone 13 times
* Added new sound effect to touching fragment of doomstone 13 times
* Added new sound effect to rubbing the goblin stone enough
* Added new sound effect to firing an arrow in archery range in wildwood
* Added new sound effect to hitting an arrow in archery range in wildwood
* Added new sound effect 'watchtower down' (funny)
* Added stone destruction sound effect (credit Niklas)
* Added sound effect to destroying blackmarket statue
* Added new sound effect (evil rock break)
* Added rockbreak sound to all evil demonic totems
* Added new sound for chopping the gift tree down
* Added new sound for taking gold from the gift tree
* Added sounds to musicians guild destruction screen
* Added building destruction sound effect


All of these locations now have much better destruction screens which each include sound effects.

* Added new destruction screen to Wild North Mercenary Outpost
* Added new destruction screen to Harvest stone
* Added new destruction screen to Hlok Mine
* Added new destruction screen to Doomstone
* Added new destruction screen to Explorer stone
* Added new destruction screen to Old Stone
* Added new destruction screen to Fjori fortress
* Added new destruction screen to Eastern Trade Post
* Added new destruction screen to Scorpion Pit
* Added new destruction screen to fort Kullak
* Added new destruction screen to ruined southern village
* Added new destruction screen to Arasuk
* Added new destruction screen to strange southern rock structure
* Added new destruction screen for Nalli trade post
* Added new destruction screen to Fort Gorthmek
* Added new destruction screen to monfort mine
* Added new destruction screen to smallhaven watchtower
* Added new destruction screen for Strange Cabin
* Added new destruction screen for Oooh snake sanctuary
* Added new destruction screen for goblinstone
* Added new destruction screen for cartographers guild
* Added new destruction screen for Fort Aslona
* Added new destruction screen for the combat academy
* Added new destruction screen for fort northwatch
* Added new destruction screen for the brawl pit
* Added new screen for shallowrock mine collapse
* Added new destruction screen for blackmarket
* Added new screen for destroying love cult
* Added new screen for destroying chaos orb in artifact hall
* Added new screen for opening plague box in artifact hall
* Added new screen for destroying talent stone in artifact hall
* Added new screen for destroying strength stone


Pangolins are now in the game!

* Added New Race 'Pangolin Folk'
* Added New Race 'Pangolinmen'
* Added New Race 'Were-Pangolins'
* Added New Race 'Evolved Pangolins'
* Added New Race 'Half-Pangolins'
* Added New Race 'Shapeshifting Pangolins'
* Added New Race 'Pangolinlings' (sounds weird)
* Added new kingdom type 'Pangolindom'
* Added new creature 'Pangolin'


As always, tons of bugfixes! Thank you everyone who's reported them to me Smiley

* Fixed spacing bug when selecting custom races
* Fixed '14kids' text bug in secret pickpocket hideout (credit u/Vylcount)
* Fixed trade tutorial grammar issue (credit u/CWagner)
* Fixed military action tutorial grammar issue (credit u/CWagner)
* Fixed Erak labelled as krut in income reports bug (credit Cablenexus)
* Fixed goblin kingdom false label bug (credit Cablenexus)
* Fixed references to K'rut and E'rak or Krut and Erak (made them all Krut and Erak)
* Fixed independent kingdom five being labelled as independent kingdom two (credit u/CWagner)
* Fixed blackmarket guards not payed desertion code
* Fixed cyclops race description bug (Credit Blackenblood)
* Fixed steward advice text bug (Credit Blackenblood)
* Fixed 'the come to sing' text bug (credit Blackenblood)
* Fixed 'Defilter' warrior suffix text bug (credit Blackenblood)
* Fixed hiring the second or third jester choice would remove the first jesters talent
* Fixed Hired already bards breaking the system
* Fixed mercenary post text colour bug
* Fixed Doomstone text colour bug
* Fixed colour bug with huntsmans rest archery
* Fixed colouring on champ hire screen
* Fixed blackmarket leaders that get bonus troops not getting random bonus but fixed
* Fixed textwrap issues in cartographers guild
* Fixed broken buy lands from independents system (credit u/-RedditPoster)
* Fixed replacement of assasinated independent leader copies predecessors personality
* Fixed scorpion pit screenwrap text bug
* Fixed Rihhm playing busy village music even if village destroyed
* Fixed Rihhm sounds not resetting upon exit from village
* Fixed missing line from gift tree destruction and destroyed text
* Fixed colour issues in artifact hall
* Fixed outplace line in seer stone screen in artifact hall


Some inconsequential things, but also a new custom game option and the ability to hire musicians regardless if you already have one, thanks for the suggestions guys!

* Added ability to have independnet kingdoms not respawnable (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added ability to hire musician regardless of if you already have one (credit Blackenblood)
* Moved mining tools to productivity upgrade cateogry instead of income (credit Blackenblood)
* Added champions strengths shown on champion hire screen  (credit u/Punriffer5)
* Added 5 new giants names
* Added 5 new blogroki names
* Updated labels of the death sound system option (credit Laughing Gravy)
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« Reply #10 on: March 26, 2019, 01:45:13 AM »

For anyone who wants to see what the game is about, a fairly popular youtuber has just made a lets play series playing on insane difficulty!

Check out part one here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ0C8dzECgE&feature=youtu.be
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« Reply #11 on: March 26, 2019, 11:21:56 PM »

I played this, and got super hooked, it's amazing. Really good job!
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« Reply #12 on: March 30, 2019, 08:18:28 PM »

Just doing my weekly devlog crawl and wanted to say this look really cool! I'll definitely pick it up on Steam! Reminds me of something like Reigns by way of King of Dragon Pass.

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« Reply #13 on: April 02, 2019, 08:26:35 AM »

@Bacon, thanks, I'm a huge fan of KODP so it's definitely had some influence! hope you enjoy it

@Pixelaccountant, thanks I'm really glad you like it Smiley
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« Reply #14 on: April 02, 2019, 09:41:49 AM »

Hey guys, just want to make sure no one's in the dark, it's been just shy of two weeks since the last update and the reason for this has been the scope of the new update, the throne room is getting a few added layers of complexity, but the throne room has over 1000 different encounters and sub encounters, and almost all of them are being modified. In fact, every single main encounter will be reworked so it's been a hefty task though it will be worth it in the end!

Currently I have finished 25/130 primary encounters, so a fifth of the way, though many of the systems that have been written for the first 25 will be reused by the others so as development progresses it will get easier.

Now I can't reveal some of the new additions because they are secret for now! but some things that have been done so far:

* When goblins talk gibberish during throne room encounters, if your diplomat is a goblin/speaks goblin, you can actually ask what the goblin is saying, which reveals extra information
* Communicating with the demon overlord as a demon servant has been modified with some spooky additions
* Trials by combat can now happen if arrested people request them
* Some arrested people will fight
* Ability to hire new jester even if you already have one (you can also compare their stats)
* Savage kingdoms will not have a phrase but instead symbols or weird savage words

Anyway, that's some of what can be expected in the update, but by the time its finished there will be much more! Smiley

Thanks for sticking around!
~ Huw
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« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2019, 01:34:54 AM »


These codes are entered in the standard cheats menu found in extras, here there
are many different codes that do all kinds including some debugging codes
that probably serve little purpose to a cheater

* 88) +10000 Soldiers
* 380) Choose how many lands you have
* 390) Choose how much gold you have
* 388) Set all Independent Races to be resurrecting race type
* 933) Create a void gate in Independent Kingdom One (spawns void army)
* 25) +1000 Throne room visitors
* 802) All kingdoms have one land and a single peasant unit
* 801) All kingdoms have one land (troops are unchanged)
* 666) +666 bandits, knights, peasant, soldiers and tribals to aslona
* 172) +100 of all independent soldiers to aslona army
* 7) +7000000 gold
* 69) +69 lands
* 19) All desterters disband
* 29) +1000 deserter soldiers
* 99) +1000 gold
* 1995) All locations revealed
* 777) +777000000 gold
* 331) Travel through time
* 1331) Choose how many orbs of madness you want
* 111) See a list of some non debug cheats
* 616) Demon Horde set to 2000
* 504) Old Debug text colour setting (may not work)
* 505) Colour testing system (fun)
* 404) Unlocks cut areas in the exploration screen for one turn
* 399) Debug Mode unlocked in main screen
* 70) All factions have 100 relation with you
* 71) All factions have -100 relation with you
* 72) All factions have 0 relation with you
* 100) if any leagues could possibly be formed force them to happen
* 6000) Set screen to a random colour temporarily
* 6085) Show Current vampire stats
* 7040) Resert blackmarket
* 7878) Reset southern nomad troops
* 7897) Make nomads good
* 7896) Make nomads evil and demonic
* 370) Set how much bluetrii fruit you have
* 1112) Spawns all minor factions
* 1111) Disable all cheats from this save
* 716) 100 Relation with musicians
* 717) -100 Relation with musicians
* 710) Generate a list of 100 random races
* 700) Add 1000 bandit mercenaries to blackmarket
* 480) Unexplore all locations, but give you 1000 explore chances
* 477) Adds 100 questing knights to the world
* 475) Sets game time to infinite (no game over time limit)
* 495) All staff get 300 skill
* 445) All factions are 10x stronger (but hold the same lands)
* 444) All factions are 10x stronger including in lands (These two cheats can be used multiple times to ridiculous effect)
* 747) Force hats on everyone
* 299) Adds 100k peasants


In the screen where you are told you are invited to the royal crowning
ceremony, you may instead of pressing (1) to go to the ceremony enter one of
the following to force a preset leadership type

* 551) Heir of King who was Assassinated
* 552) Heir of King who Died of Old Age
* 553) Son of the Mad King
* 554) Gambler who won the Kingdom
* 555) Bandit Warlord who captured the city
* 556) Demonic King


In the screen where you choose your difficulty level you can enter other codes
to get special debug mods, these are instant game modes made to test features

* 111) Debug Mode 111 (made to test why independents were so bad (spawn with 3000 independents)
* 69) 69 Cheat Mode (Start with tons of troops and lands)
* 11) Debug Mode 11 (Demons active from the start)
* 12) Debug Mode 12 (Chaos from the start, lots of random events)
* 13) Debug Mode 13 (Instantly start with pest group)
* 14) Debug Mode 14 (Automatically spawn special mercenary groups)
* 15) Debug Mode 15 (Plague from the start)
* 16) Debug Mode 16 (AKA Superduper impossible mode)
* 17) Fight Test Arena
* 18) Debug Mode 18 (Kingdoms get double land)
* 19) Debug Mode 19 (Kingdoms get triple land)
* 21) Debug Mode available in menu from the start
* 22) Debug Mode 21 (All locations unlocked)
* 23) Debug Mode 22 (Debug messages visible)
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« Reply #16 on: April 15, 2019, 07:59:46 AM »

Just posting this to let everyone know warsim is 25% off currently on steam until the 28th of April, https://store.steampowered.com/app/659540/Warsim_The_Realm_of_Aslona/?beta=0
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« Reply #17 on: May 13, 2019, 12:05:15 AM »

So this update took a lot longer than I thought it would, but it's part of a move forward with putting in important features into the game, there's still sooo much work to do, but the throne room is a lot more dynamic now, this update is big, so with it there may be a few bugs tucked away in some of these new features, find any and let me know!


There are literally so many things that have changed in the throne room, the main goal through this was that basically every encounter was to have more dynamic/unpredictable responses to each of your actions and reactions, also for the textwrap situation to be solved and for all the text to be less yellowy and more fitting with the style of the other game text, also for me to add new stuff anywhere I could. Now you can put up paintings on your wall, you can cast people out of a trap door like mr burns, you can do anything you want!

* Added new dynamic throne room reaction system with 100s of reactions to being arrested/refused/accepted/hired and so on varying based on who the visiting person is as well as some additional factors
* Added ability for painting to be put up on wall (credit 71)
* Added ability to react to tale of demons singer like normal bards
* Added ability to skip tale of demons bard song
* Added ability to ask spymaster with skill higher than 120 to verify cousin encounter is legit
* Added new screen for throne room where you can create your own dynamic filter of who to allow or disallow (credit u/Dragonovith)
* Added special event to re-establish dead kingdom encounter
* Added new screen for speaking to demon overlord as demon servant
* Added new option to stare into the demonic mirror
* Added new reaction system for demon overlords patience to being summon each turn (WONT SPOIL IT)
* Added new screen for desertion upon payrise request
* Added 1 in 15 chance that bag of gold gift encounter is a bag of rocks
* Added rare chance of losing public opinion for not giving gold to child (1 in 25)
* Added chance of public opinion drop when having no gold
* Added chance of trial by combat being requested in arrest encounter (with soldier and volunteer soldier representing you)
* Added musicians guild relation changes reported on screen (credit KenshiraTheTrinity)
* Unlocked blocked encounter from independent kingdom messengers (coin gift)
* Added dynamic awaiting response text for bards
* Added dynamic 10 type intro text for independent refugee encounter
* Added ability to view kingdom reports from throne room (credit u/Miradosamurai)
* Added new screen for bag of gold in throne room
* Added multiple excuses for jester refusing to be hired
* Added ability to compare jesters stats when hiring throne room jester
* Added ability to hire throne room jester even if you already have a jester
* Added witches blessing (1.5x harvest bonus)
* Added new feature to goblin giving coin encounter (ability to decipher their gibberish if you have a goblin speaking diplomat)
* Added notification for new prisoners gained in throne room encounters
* Added recognition of having played before in options of coinflip
* Added chance the goblin communicator teaches a dead dialect of goblin
* Added chance the goblin communicator fails to teach your diplomat
* Added goblin communicator cost now randomised instead of 200 gold (between 25 and 524 gold)
* Added re-evaluate speech to blackmarket crier
* Increased max number of possible mercs in blackmarket merc group encounter by 1
* Made blackmarket merc encounter individual cost randomised instead of fixed at 25 (now between 10 and 44)
* Added multiple custom screens and sounds to talking frog encounter
* Added new screens to slaver buying slaves encounter
* Added feinting reaction when arrested (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added 6 random backstories to escaped slaves escape
* Updated stray cat encounter graphic
* Reworked coin of fate encounter with new screens sounds and descriptions
* Added chance of robbing orb finder resulting in a painted rock
* Added 5 new tyranny confrontation dialogues
* Added new screens to bandit robbery encounters
* Added ability to execute bandit in robbery encounters
* Added ability to hire bandit in robbery encounters
* Added ability to lose public opinion for accepting gold from robbers
* Added new screens to farmer needs patrol encounter
* Added ability boy given coin chokes to death (credit Bookrage)
* Added ability to execute peasant who hates goblins
* Added 4 new variant texts for peasant hates goblins encounter
* Added ability to sell all goblins to goblin slaver in second complaint encounter
* Added better description for juggling in throne room event
* Added ability to ask throne room jugglers name
* Added ability to ask for encore juggler
* Added juggler randomised background story (from 5 different stories)
* Made juggler encounter 4x more common (was obsurdly rare)
* Made public opinion change more common in dispute encounters
* Added chance of hag encounter being just a normal angry old woman
* Added Harlaw mining company encounter 1/10 chance of being a scam (credit Bookrage)
* Added dynamic 10 different flavour texts for blackmarket slum joiner
* Made market guard and scum joiners require some gold owned but lower public opinion
* Made blackmarket slum encounter more common and require min 20 public opinion instead of 30 (but made it not happen unless you have at least 1000 gold)
* Added chance that guard will kill insulting peasant without you being able to react (credit Bookrage)
* Made goblin tribe more likely to join other goblin kingdoms in tribe encounter
* Made goblin tribe encounter more common if you have goblin slavery banned


While upgrading the throne rooms interface, I also added a ton of new encounters to test it and to fill it out so more, I know for some it can get boring but this is an attempt to flesh it out as much as possible!

* Added drunk wall destroyer farmer dispute encounter
* Added horrible bard dispute encounter
* Added arm wrestle bet dispute encounter
* Added broken forging hammer dispute encounter
* Added hair stealer dispute encounter
* Added apple selling child dispute encounter
* Added potato thrower dispute encounter
* Added floating gold found dispute encounter
* Added elders claim dispute encounter
* Added hunter and orphans dispute encounter
* Added wounded man slave dispute encounter
* Added wounded man owes dispute encounter
* Added thug after young man dispute encounter
* Added stupid leader lost chicken throne room encounter
* Added whateth am I throne room encounter
* Added stupid title throne room encounter
* Added pickpocketing throne room crime encounter
* Added pretend guard throne room crime encounter
* Added breaking into houses throne room crime encounter
* Added stealing horse shoes throne room crime encounter
* Added stealing from children throne room crime encounter
* Added soldier near death compensation encounter
* Added robbed the village poor box encounter
* Added merchant caravan robbery encounter
* Added bandit ship robbery tail encounter
* Added travelling noble robbery encounter
* Added boastful knight robbery encounter
* Added new goblin wants coin encounter variant
* Added new throne room encounter 'Hand out'
* Added new throne room encounter 'Pointy stick'
* Added farmer kicked in the balls throne room encounter
* Added 'new recruit from song' throne room encounter
* Added 'Right my wrongs' throne room encounter
* Added 'Brother's Death' throne room encounter
* Added 'Righteousness Joiner' throne room encounter
* Added 'Fair work fair ruler' throne room encounter
* Added 'protection witch' throne room encounter
* Added 'Lair invasion' throne room encounter
* Added 'Stolen magic staff' throne room encounter
* Added new throne room encounter 'Gold found behind wall'
* Added 4 hello townsman variant encounters
* Added orphanage boys throne room encounter
* Added village elder of age throne room encounter
* Added lots of kills bonus soldier encounter
* Added soldier needs gold encounter
* Added late luteplayer farmer dispute encounter
* Added neigbour kicked my dog dispute encounter
* Added he's got more land dispute encounter
* Added farmer boy punch up dispute encounter
* Added Apple theif dispute encounter
* Added smelliest people in the world dispute encounter
* Added 3 new variants of slave killed master encounter
* Added new celebration encounter (hiccuping drunk)
* Added new throne room encounter 'Grand Champion Requests Knighthood'
* Added new throne room encounter 'Farmer returns' (credit Defender)


Still riding the wave of the last update I have been trying my best to add as many new sound effects as possible to make the game feel more alive.

* Added new music to play while in Baiaa the city of Stone (credit Niklas)
* Added new sound effect to slaver when asking to speak to him
* Added coinflip sound to wishing well
* Added magic sound effect to child turning into wizard
* Added sound effects for bag of gold encounter
* Added sound effects to magic theatre
* Added sound effects to demon curse encounter (all 4 outcomes)
* Added new screen and sound effect to opening baiaa door
* Added new sound effect to baiaa greeting
* Added coinflip sound to coinflip encounter
* Added new sound to void visitor encounter


Not much attention to the world in this update but 4 new characters have been added, you can now hire slaves from the blackrow tavern, speak to an eccentric mage and learn to speak goblin in goblinwood.

* Added slaver to Blackrow tavern (the tavern wasn't shady or evil enough)
* Made rare wishing well outcomes 10x more likely (still very rare)
* Added eccentric mage to the magic theatre
* Added goblin language trainer in goblinwood (teach your diplomat how to speak goblin)
* Added more screens to the secret of the blackmarket for clarity
* Added new screen to attacking baiaa
* Added face to the leader of Arasuk and special hat
* Added info about unfinished area in the east


Now you can cast unbelievers through the floor with the trap door! Also a good suggestion by Ghostman, these road upgrades effect productivity, productivity is basically everything, your tax, your farm income, your mine income and so on but beware, build a road out of pure gold and you may have issues, also for the more cruely inclined ruler, you can now buy whips to make prisoners work harder.

* Added Trap Door upgrade (allows you to drop people through the ground in throne room)
* Added Dirt Path upgrade (increases productivity by 3%) (credit Ghostman)
* Added Dirt Road upgrade (increases productivity by 5%) (credit Ghostman)
* Added Pebble Road upgrade (increases productivity by 8%) (credit Ghostman)
* Added Cobbled Road upgrade (increases productivity by 13%) (credit Ghostman)
* Added Smoothstone Road upgrade (increases productivity by 20%) (credit Ghostman)
* Added Tar Paved Road upgrade (increases productivity by 25%) (credit Ghostman)
* Added Gold Road upgrade (increases productivity by 50%) (credit Ghostman)
* Added prison whips upgrade (makes prisoners in labour yard 50% more productive) costs 3k gold
* Added prison steel tipped whips upgrade (makes prisoners in labour yard twice as productive) costs 5k gold
* Added Chance each turn that the golden road is broken up and stolen (it being a literally road made of gold)


Quite a few new features unrelated to the throne room, these include: The rebellion and prison now have random starts, more custom game options, lots of new screens, now savage kingdoms will likely not have a phrase but some savage symbols of nonsense, a new racepack, a new cheat, a new tax on tax... tax tax, and some new difficulty differences.

* Added random rebellion start (may start game with no rebellion, a weaker one, or a tougher one)
* Added advanced custom options for rebellion
* Updated troop count screens in both kingdom reports and general screen
* Added new system to generate symbols instead of phrases for savage kingdoms (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added new system to generate savage dumb words instead of phrases for savage kingdoms (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added elderscrolls racepack (credit Gorilla)
* Added cheat code 1487 (create a list of 100 races but no beast races) (credit defender)
* Added ability to discover new kingdoms with allies as well as vassals (credit Blackenblood)
* Made militia hall also prevent the spawning of militia mercenary groups (credit u/sabouts)
* Made prison start with a random number of prisoners (up to 100) (credit 71)
* Added tax tax (a tax on the taxes people pay) (credit u/Darkmark8910)
* Added casual difficulty starts with smoothstone road, easy with cobbled road and normal with dirt path, all others have no roads by default
* Added new debug menu option (21) that turns all kingdoms to refugees


Heaps of bugs fixed here, interestingly as I was having to comb through all of the code for the throne room I found tons of stuff that was hidden there that no one would ever know about, there were at least 3 or 4 encounters that through a bug would never appear in game, but no one would know they weren't there and I forgot about them!

* Fixed demon lord face graphic
* Fixed game over screen not working properly and being skipped
* Fixed textwrap for mad king
* Fixed text colour issues for mad king
* Fixed that I thought blackmarket leader dialogue text bug
* Fixed tons of throne room encounter text colour
* Fixed layout issues with goblin wants coin encounters
* Fixed goblin wants coin encounters blocked from appearing in game by a bug
* Fixed ancient south 2nd class not going further (credit Lethrington and u/RabidRab)
* Fixed magic theatre pricing error
* Fixed demon curse encounter not giving bad public opinion
* Fixed 4th and 5th champion blank spots working if you have a first champion (allowing you to install nameless ghost generals) (credit Mopster)
* Fixed tri=pronged text bug (credit u/ColonelKepler)
* Fixed chance the law text bug (credit Needs Ketchup)
* Fixed Pee pee goblin encounter being blocked from appearing in game
* Fixed bad king goblin encounter being blocked from appearing in game
* Fixed buying 50gold worth of bluetrii allowed even if you don't have the gold
* Fixed jailing escaped slave doesn't remove a slave but creates a prisoner (creating 2 people) (No cloning on my watch!)
* Fixed coin of fate typo
* Fixed onto of text bug in wishing well (credit u/sabouts)
* Fixed the 6 goblin coin encounters being blocked from appearing by a bug
* Fixed arena pit sealing throne room encounter happening even if arena destroyed
* Fixed missing pause when buying bluetrii from farm
* Fixed musician throne room encounter not charging for encore offer
* Fixed buying chaos orb with an offer takes gold but gives no orb
* Fixed offering to buy chaos orb from a person who doesn't want to sell takes it for 1 gold
* Fixed rich ex-slave encounter showing 15000 gold reward when the actual reward was a random number between 26k and 1k
* Fixed general quitting encounter blocked from happening
* Fixed southern coastal trader encounter happening even when you don't have a trade post
* Fixed game stat screen showing false years of in game time (credit 71)
* Fixed hearsay text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed thundil tavern text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed western history class text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed famed dice player text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed blocking bluetrii before battle not working
* Fixed able to use more bluetrii than you have going into the negative (credit 71)
* Fixed mercs for hire encounter not counting leader when enslaved
* Fixed indicators of scattered merc hirelings joining rebellion or bandit horde not being shown in the encounter
* Fixed Hlok mine not improving output with better mining tools (credit 71)
* Fixed Shallowrock mine not improving output with better mining tools (credit 71)
* Fixed mercs for hire encounter assessment of troops text typo
* Fixed years in game referenced as seasons (credit 71)
* Fixed best beard in the land encounter man's face changing everytime you asked him a question
* Fixed offering slave seller 500 gold required you to have 800 gold or it wouldn't work
* Fixed magic fruit farm ruins not having its own page (credit u/sabouts)
* Fixed shadow assassin throne room encounter overcharging (instead of 1500 gold x target nations lands it was 5k gold x lands)
* Fixed recruiting from blackmarket not saved when loaded (credit 71)
* Fixed knightly order joining knight who asks for 100 gold joins without taking the gold
* Fixed independent kingdom trade route through throne room encounter didn't work unless you gained public opinion
* Fixed Fjori text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed Huntsmans rest text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed 'a fight broke the miners' text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed delivered to treasury text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed rise above it all text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed prove the troops text bug in dead kingdom encounter
* Fixed independent refugee encounter giving independent troops numbers instead of names
* removed perform for free juggler throne room broken option


* Made goblin goblin with perfect english encounter rarer
* Made all blackmarket random events have their own screen
* Significantly reduced rarity of magical wizard posing as a child throne room encounter
* Added chance of losing public opinion for not being able to pay peasant
* Added option to show goblin slavery blocked in goblin coin encounter
* Made bad king goblin encounter require maximum of 10 public opinion instead of 15
* Made bluetrii pre battle message clearer (credit Darren)
* Made wagon man encounter slightly rarer
* Made changeling encounter rarer
* Made Closing slaves fort without payment grants more chance of freemen joining you than destroying fort for incentive in throne room encounter
* Increased odds of getting public opinion by giving to the slum gold collector
* Increased odds of getting public opinion by giving coin to boy
* Made golden telescope cost randomised between 5500 gold and 500 gold instead of fixed at 4000 gold
* Added label of 50 fruit per barrel in bluetrii farm to avoid confusion (credit 71)
* Changed end turn option to say 'End Current Year' (credit 71)
* Made chance of increase public opinon for hag killing higher
* Updated abomination encounter description
* Made travelling acrobat encounter twice as common
* Added Phenor messenger encounter only happens once per turn
* Made re-establish dead kingdom encounter 25% more common (Still obsurdly rare)
* Reduced assassination cost to 1200 gold x land
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« Reply #18 on: May 14, 2019, 05:50:57 AM »

Hey guys, so this update is a little soon (first time I've ever said that) but the time between updates prior to 0742 was quite long so I figured before I head away next week I'll try and get a bunch more work done and pump out some smaller updates, the main focus here was to do far more tests on the new throne room, remove any bugs and tweak anything I didn't like as well as to add new sounds and content where I could.


Mostly small stuff, but my favourite is now if you get a sudden death player in your throne room you can rob him just like you can rob coin flippers! rip sudden death players coinpurses.

* Added new screen to advice giver paid
* Made public opinion loss for demon sacrifice encounter more common (now 50/50)
* Added coin bag screen for knight giving 100 gold coins
* Removed pointless exit option from sudden death encounter
* Added new recognition of previous play with options and text in sudden death throne encounter
* Added ability to rob sudden death players in throne room encounters
* Replaced bard 'begins to play for you text' with 'prepares to play for you' to avoid confusion


I've been continuing the drive of adding more sounds to warsim, these are mostly inconsequential but I think they do make the game feel more alive and quite a few of these are funny sounds, the goblin joiner one is my favourite but it's a secret! Shocked

* Added new ominous sound effect when receiving orb of chaos in throne room encounters
* Added new laughter sound effect that can occur anytime someone laughs in throne room
* Added new death sound effect (man says uh oh before he is killed)
* Added new variant to woohoo sound effect (now either of them can play when called)
* Added new special sound effect to goblin joiner in goblin wants coin encounter
* Added new sound effect for bowstring being pulled back (in archery game)
* Added new laughing child sound effect (now two different ones used at random)
* Added new sound effect 'trumpet solo'


I plan to expand the reaction system more in the next few updates but here are a few I've added in this update, mainly for knights questing instead of the same common boring line coming up.

* Added 'cowering peasant' peasant execution reaction
* Added 'hands over eyes' peasant execution reaction
* Added it's not a game child arrest reaction
* Added 2 more reaponses to knight refusing to go on a quest
* Added 7 new reactions to knight agreeing to go on a quest (instead of same fixed line)
* Added 'thy sword' reaction to being hired
* Added 'hidden trumpet' reaction to being hired


Ospreys are now in the game, bird up!

* Added New Race 'Osprey Folk'
* Added New Race 'Ospreymen'
* Added New Race 'Were-Ospreys'
* Added New Race 'Evolved Ospreys'
* Added New Race 'Half-Ospreys'
* Added New Race 'Shapeshifting Ospreys'
* Added New Race 'Ospreylings'
* Added new kingdom type 'Ospreydom'
* Added new creature 'Osprey'


Quite a few bug fixes here found from my testing, though I will need to continue testing the throne room extensively, there's also a major issue blocking you from being able to purchase the trap door upgrade (which was one of the crowning acheivements of the last update)

* Fixed baby mother dispute encounter text colour bug
* Fixed no text to for trap door upgrade when unavailable
* Fixed knight passing encounter quest text wrapping bug
* Fixed knight passing encounter giving joining you if you keep asking after refusal   
* Fixed spacing of gold loss in shallowrock encounter
* Fixed one of the gulp sound effects not working bug
* Fixed missing dead peasant and demon tag from demon sacrifice encounter
* Fixed knight leavin.g text bug
* Fixed and and leaves reaction text bug
* Fixed incorrect screen for not having enough gold for advice
* Fixed crazy man encounter text colour bug
* Fixed young boy giving coin encounter face changing into a mans when you accept it
* Fixed trap door not being buyable with max upgraded throne room
* Fixed new game variables not working properly
* Fixed evil nomads defending gate even when dead bug (credit RaiderEight)
* Fixed grand champion arrest/death in throne room not working properly
* Fixed Child arrest not showing +1 prisoner text
* Fixed tough person arrest not showing +1 prisoner text
* Fixed bandit arrest not showing +1 prisoner text


A few teeny little tweaks!

* Removed pause after taking archery shot (smoother now)
* Merged separate punch sound system into new random sound effects system
* Switched demon totem upgrade and trap door upgrade on menu to make more sense
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« Reply #19 on: May 16, 2019, 05:35:54 AM »

So another quick burst update, the main drive of this update was to continue developing the reaction system and testing the throne room, but it spiralled into a bit of spring cleaning my old warsim to-do list, I cleared it down from 1200 things to 1000 by a mix of (adding stuff from the list, merging ideas that were similar, removing things that are now in the game etc) As a result there are some interesting new things as well as some ideas that were suggested a while ago but are now finally in.


The major new features here are that now, any races that are Masked, ie Masked Dwarves, Masked Goblins, Masked Demons, will not have visible faces but instead use masks from a pool of 72 million procedurally generated ones.

They look like this

Also the arena (if unowned by you) can still be upgraded and grow over time depending on who owns it and how big it is ([see here](https://i.imgur.com/eI7LWto.png)), and there is a new special encounter where mercenary companies will visit you and offer a varied discount!

* Added new system for masked races (now instead of their default faces, they get a mask from one of 72.6 million possible masks)
* Added dynamic system for the arena to be upgraded when not owned by you
* Added new encounter 'Mercenary company visit' (4 different kinds of visit)
* Added ability for mistreatment of merc company leader to get you banned from hiring them forever
* Added certain crimes result in higher relation change when fugutive of other kingdom is accepted/killed/arrested etc (ie killing the rulers pet, treason etc) (credit Defender)
* Added ability to skip some or all guest introductions in celebration ceremony (with chance of relation drop)

With these four suffixes there are now 5872 new races that can be found in your world, [the three headed idea](https://i.imgur.com/s7x3tfY.png) was on my to do list from a suggestion by Bookrage from Audiogames.net, the recently updated system for two-headed races made it surprisingly easy to make a three-headed face work properly. After getting the three-headed system in I tested to see if it worked with masks and to my surprise it did, so now there are Two-headed and [Three-headed races that wear masks](https://i.imgur.com/UQUzzQc.png), also Stout folk.

* Added new race suffix 'Three-Headed' (half population, three heads graphic, +50 battlescore) (credit Bookrage)
* Added new race suffix 'Stout' (much lower population, slightly stronger)
* Added new race suffix 'Three-Headed Masked' (half population, three heads graphic, Wears masks, +52 battlescore)
* Added new race suffix 'Two-Headed Masked' (two heads graphic, Wears masks, +12 battlescore)


A couple of tweaks to things in the throne room!

* Added some no gold reactions significantly or slightly increase the odds of public opinion change
* Slightly increased the odds of public opinion loss for having no gold when agreeing to pay
* Merged knight questing reaction system


Some smaller but still noteworthy features, a hilarious suggestion from /u/chronoligcal, when in the scorpion fighting pit now there's a small chance the 'scorpion' that comes out is actually a goblin in disguise. Now the goblinstone in Wildwood can be captured and colonised by savages (only if there are enough savages elsewhere). Free slaves is now do-able from the laws screen too and the whole free slaves process has had a little facelift, and you can generate masks in the extras menu because why not!

* Added chance that scorpion in scorp fighting pit is actually a goblin holding sharp claws (questionable scorpion) (credit u/Chronoligcal)
* Made goblinstone in wildwood colonisable by savages (rare)
* Added seperate introduction text to celebration from throne room (so the single use festival you pay for from entertainment is a little different from the one every x years you declared)
* Reworked screens for freeing slaves and slave soldiers (+new graphic)
* Added ability to free slaves in social laws screen too (credit 71)
* Added random mask generator to extras menu


Not a huge sound increase but a few little ones, I've got a big folder full of new sounds I plan to add to the game when I can, just trying to find the right places for them.

* Added new Ahem sound effect (now when used the game picks one at random)
* Added new Yeah sound effect
* Added new chain break sound effect to freeing slaves


As with the last update a good focus on expanding the reactions system, I want to ensure it really does feel fresh and different and that you couldn't predict what would happen, any suggestions for reactions in the throne room are always welcome!

* Added 'I shall find glory in your name' knight reaction to questing
* Added 'Sword be guided' knight reaction to questing
* Added 'sweet throne' no gold reaction
* Added 'sorry sigh' no gold reaction
* Added dynamic sigh no gold reaction
* Added 'angry at himself' no gold reaction
* Added 'Sell the story to the paper' no gold reaction
* Added 'unexpected' no gold reaction
* Added 'awkward' no gold reaction
* Added 'YEAH' Deep voice shout reaction to thank you
* Added 'Nervous humble man' reaction to thank you
* Added 'Exaggerated power' reaction to thank you
* Added 'Feinting man' reaction to thank you


Aardwolves are in the game now, a small foxlike creature from africa, Aard being afrikaans for earth, so really they are earthwolves!

* Added New Race 'Aardwolf Folk'
* Added New Race 'Aardwolfmen'
* Added New Race 'Were-Aardwolfs'
* Added New Race 'Evolved Aardwolfs'
* Added New Race 'Half-Aardwolfs'
* Added New Race 'Shapeshifting Aardwolfs'
* Added New Race 'Aardwolflings'
* Added new kingdom type 'Aardwolfdom'
* Added new creature 'Aardwolf'


Not too many bugs this time around but I imagine there are still tons unfound!

* Fixed missing 'an' in intro for old ruined village in wildwood
* Fixed mercenary groups 4 and 5 not being accessible if the first merc groups land was taken
* Fixed celebration text grammar
* Fixed celebration commedian text colour bug
* Fixed jester introduction line break bug
* Fixed typo in sudden death encounter 'for instead of force'
* Fixed sudden death robbery reaction not giving correct name to the man
* Fixed one of the 6 laughing sound effects not working


* Made demonic dialogue text match exactly what the overlord voice actually says
* Reworded killing a guard independent refugee encounter text
* Increased cost of Demon Shield by 100k (credit Defender)

And that's it, let me know what you thought guys!
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