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Author Topic: Nebulas Lasso - To all fans of intergalactic human hunting!  (Read 579 times)

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« on: March 31, 2019, 11:10:01 AM »

This is Yasir from STON Games. We are a tiny indie Game developing house that is new to the Gaming scene. And we’ve been developing our first major title for the PC and hopefully the Nintendo Switch. It is a multiplayer Game called Nebulas Lasso.

Our Game Nebulas Lasso is nearing beta version at %85, the remains are mainly SFX, visuals, audio, testing, debugging, balancing/tweaking. We are still working on a trailer. I'm here to announce our Game, and ask everyone for feedback and/or even ideas to help make Nebulas Lasso better! We are totally green when it comes to PR stuff. So, all help is appreciated Smiley

Here is our Discord:

 We’d love to hear what you think! We highly appreciate all the help and feedback we can get!
Best wishes,

Here is a link to the Gameplay:

WARNING! The sound can get noisy, so please make sure to put the volume down.

The below is to anyone interested in learning more about our humble Game, Nebulas Lasso Smiley
Nebulas Lasso is a Game where players control flying UFOs and compete against one another in capturing humans. It describes an intergalactic sport. A sport that was created by a mighty galactic ruler that pits the most skilled pilots of the Nebulas against each other. The pilots battle each other in this sport of capturing humans by utilizing their piloting skills and advanced weaponry.
Nebulas Lasso is a local multiplayer Game, where each player pilots a UFO with it’s unique pilot and unique style to capture people of Earth. The Game relies on mechanical skills, and good understanding of each UFO’s strengths and weaknesses. Nebulas Lasso is aimed for players who enjoy classic local multiplayer Games of all ages. It has no gore, nor any explicit content.
We're avid fans of Twisted Metal, the unique characters, the unique specials, the closed combat were all parts that we loved about Twisted Metal. And, an oldie called Death Tanks was also a Game that we enjoyed, and admired the format of everything happening in one screen. Both of these Games have inspired Nebulas Lasso's design.
Thank you for reading!
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