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« on: April 03, 2019, 06:48:20 AM »

I’m seeking an editor for a horror visual novel called “Pengembara”!

My name is Tim/FulminisIctus and I’m inherently an “audio guy” for video games (I mainly do composition and sound design, but also voice over editing and audio direction). I’ve been working in the indie VN scene for over half a decade now and want to use this opportunity to make a small visual novel of my own. Partly to get some experience and insight into working on visual novels in other areas but also to create something cool with a team ^^

I will summarise all important info here, but feel free to check out the GDD (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JzGAxE6JrmXpU2w_FxwngQ5FrK-yxAUVrESK3NFRJn0/edit?usp=sharing) if you’d like to learn more about the game and its direction in detail.

What’s the game about?
Pengembara is a horror game inspired by Japanese body horror manga (Junji Ito or to a lesser degree Kago Shintaro). The MC finds himself in a town without any clue on how he got there. Everything looks fairly normal but reality twists the longer he stays with people’s morals shifting in cruel and unexpected ways.
Premise inspired by Junji Ito’s “Occult Transfer Student”.

The game is split into three arcs.
The first one is about pets transforming into monsters after eating a certain flower that started popping up in the town the MC finds himself in. As soon as these monsters smell another person’s smell they hunt down that person and kill them, meaning that people could potentially use their pets for “assassinations”. People start catching onto that fact and for fear of being a victim start killing off their neighbors with the help of their mutated pets.
The second one is about a weird comedy fad going around due to a new performer that’s come to the second town the MC arrives in. Said fad is distorting one’s faces into rather disturbing looking forms.
The third one is set in a building with different groups of people trapped in each room with them being unable to leave the rooms. This is the arc with the most freedom of choice, as the player can choose when to enter which room with time having progressed exponentially every time they enter a room. Whether or not the player can reach the best outcome depends on the order that he enters the rooms in. All of the people in the different rooms can of course meet gruesome deaths, to follow the theme of the VN.

The specs:
The script is about 21.800 words long (without counting any of the programing expressions, which you don’t need to edit/proofread of course). It’s probably closer to 21.500 if you don’t count the name declarations. There’s some extra content that can be accessed after finishing the game that brings the word count to about 26.000 words.
It’s not NSFW in the sexual sense but is in the gore-y sense (hence why it’s closer to Junji Ito rather than Kago Shintaro: because there’s no guro).
The script is pretty much done and only needs editing before the asset production begins. I’m mainly looking for an editor instead of just a proofreader since, even though English isn’t my first language, there shouldn’t be too many spelling mistakes in the script (hopefully). My problem is that I’m not an experienced writer and would appreciate someone’s help in rephrasing things in a way that would make the VN more enjoyable to read and make sure that the delivery is on point.

The game will be released for free on itch.io and no money will be made from it, which is why I’m mainly looking for someone who would be alright with working with me on this for free.
Aside from credits (this one is of course a given, but I thought I’d mention it just in case) I can assure that since the script is already completed and because I’m approaching this seriously it’s likely that we will be able to release the game rather soon, thus neutralizing one of the biggest risks of uncommercial projects. And since, as mentioned above, I’m quite experienced in creating and managing audio for video games, especially visual novels, I can guarantee that the audio representation will be top notch.

I’m easiest to reach per E-Mail: contact[at]tim-reichert.com
Feel free to include things like your portfolio (writing/editing samples and/or links to past projects) and everything else that you’d like to include (if you’re familiar with writing/editing works in the horror genre) in your E-Mail. Having a portfolio or having written/edited horror before are of course not mandatory, but can make it easier for me to find the right person ^^

Application Deadline: April 9th
Project Deadline: No strict deadline. It would be ideal if you could let me know how long you would usually need to edit a text of that size. I of course won’t just pick the fastest editor, it’s only so I can adjust the schedule ^^

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
Please let me know if you have any questions!

(Here’s also my website if you’d like to learn more about me and my music:
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