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Author Topic: MANE - Lion sim (Narrative Choice-matters RPG ) - Lion! but with Sword!  (Read 3157 times)
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GameDev - #SW3EO + #MANE

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« on: July 28, 2019, 03:04:34 PM »

Gentleman Greetings! : //  I'm Khanin. he solo-dev of MANE.
Follow @SuntornStudio for more of GameDev or Me! @Khaninni

Support : Back MANE on KOFI for exclusive deal!| WISHLISH on STEAM ,which i'd be highly appreciated

"dedicated to my adoration of Mogopos coalition tale And a night of never-ending conversation with a friend."
| choice-matter | narrative adventure | RPG

Current look of the game : a Snippet  (Nov 2020)


MANE is a Wild lion narrative sim RPG focused on choices and consequences
portraying the violent lion social structure in its ruthless unbending laws of nature
on the path to rise as the king of the jungle , loyalty and betrayal between brothers
and the extremely violent power struggle amongst the several lion families
Telling its timeless tale in an exaggerating visual and romanticized lore as a kingdom medieval glory.


You're making choices as a newborn prince of "Kuanza" ; a male lion cub of
a strong healthy pride claiming an abundant grass field on western region of the reserve.

Growing up along you are your royal brothers: Black beard , Moon , Winky and Mhlophe.
Training your skills and balancing your ferocity. Tending to your brother relationship dynamic.
As your royal childhood can only prepare the princes so much for the curse of the mane.

“Only around 3-to-1 ratio that male lions will survive to adulthood.”

An adulthood that will inflict any young male lion for a common quest
of facing the trials of the wild. To fight , to hunt , to kill
for the food, for the pride , and for the throne.


 Tiger A Choices and consequence driven game.
Determine your lion legacy to be as a Great king of the jungle,
a forgotten nomad or another victim of the war and the wild.

 Tiger Learn and live through lion scientific facts on their behavior and social structure.

 Tiger Play as a prince of the pride ;a young male lion cub.
Spending your royal childhood on training skills to tending relationship dynamics between your brothers.

 Tiger Brothers by blood. A full narrative quest line and story
dedicated for each brothers: Black beard , Moon ,Winkly and Mhlophe.

 Tiger Grow a mane , Be a Knight and face The trial of the wild.
Manage your lion time and resources. hunt and kill. in the quest of
claiming prides and territory during your lion journey through kingdom lands.

 Tiger An Archivist : be a staff navigating your lion observation
with an in-game various gadgets and interact fellow fictional documentarians.

MANE fictional world is set in natural rich reserve area where the lions reside.
Lion is territorial animal. Each region ruled by different lion family.
To each own have different unique characteristic and unique situation that brewing within.

Listening to the roar. As player lion journey throughout land on the quest seeking glory and surviving.
Thread lightly or prepare for a bloody confrontation.

My Word! self-Introduction // I'm Khanin. I'm an arch-grad turn gamedev for a few years now.
Couple years ago I was determining to developing my first game title 'SW3EO';
a surreal supernatural horror narrative game decision-based about hotel vacation in southeast Asia.
{ which you also can check out here : https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=63621.0 }

Since then The game has turned out to be much bigger scope than I anticipated, which I'm proud of.
But with that also come a requirement for lots time, resources and experiences which I can't afford just yet.
So I decided to put the development on hiatus in hope to bring it the best vision I had for when I able to.
Meanwhile I came up with #MANE which initially planned to be much much smaller scale.
But once i get my hand on it. I couldn't really make MANE as small game.

MANE also allow me so much to explore the possibility of narrative RPG design the same as #SW3EO.
and my first practice attempt to step into 3D visual as I was doing everything in 2D before.
There will be a DEVlog cover about the transition to 3D. so stay tune.

DEVLOG list :

DEVLOG#00 : The Beginning , Mafia Lion and Timeless tale that need to be told

DEVLOG#01 : "It's Lion! but with a Sword!" , Guide to create a National graphic RPG

DEVLOG#02 : Blood brothers ,Royal childhood and The curse of Mane

DEVLOG#03 : Transition to 3D + Homage to lion king(1994)

DEVLOG#04 : "Until the lion learn how to write, every story will glorify the hunter" writtin' it and The non-diegetic

DEVLOG#05 : The trials of the wild and A quest to conquer kingdoms.

SECRET_DEVLOG#?? : Wicked game Wild throne

Gain an early access to DEVlog on KOFI - Backer contents and support #MANE

follow the development on here : KO-FI | Twitter | Tigsource | IndieDB | GameJolt| Itch.io |

Support : Back MANE on KOFI | WISHLISH on STEAM

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GameDev - #SW3EO + #MANE

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« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2019, 04:04:55 PM »

*** This DEVlog is a year old and not the representation of current state of the game

DEVLOG// | This devlog will be a proper introduction into the more gameplay and visual.
I did spend time crunching over to figuring out the format of how the game will be. (mostly I was too over-thinking about the visuals)
initially MANE are planned to be made as small scale as a visual novel with many branching choices and low strategic aspect.
Inspired by the anime game called 'long live the queen' which some acclaim to be 'the dark soul of visual novel'! which is.. fitting.

Overtime, I just can't making game with so little to work with. as i feel lacking and gasping for more to work on.
So,The Core narrative story is still about authentic lion life and choices that are devastating hard to celebrating the fragility of life in wild.
But, now with a more playful approach in the UI design aspect and exaggerating visual and gameworld
to allow more gameplay features which now I'm become quite satisfied with.

DEVLOG : LION TALEs : A Lion Stageplay, Wild beast AI and playing your tarot fate cards right! //

"Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter" - African Proverbs

MANE Gameplay and Narrative are presented in Documentary style; A third person cold distant text
with a mockery of observation high-technology gadgets and paper documents as the game UI.

The Player is to following your named lion with only observation view and descriptions.
While still making choices for your lion in a documenting matters.this also come from the idea of how we human are usually feel related
toward animal which our human empathy can be misplace by our inability to fathom the mind of wild creature.
So the animistic behavior of your lion will perform regardless as a result from your guided action ;such as a fight , cruel kill or conflict between lion dominance traits.

Game Interface features

"I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly."

Aside of the narrated description,Player will be presented and guided using the interactive UI documentary gadget-looking
to navigate in following your lion cub action and information. with help from an in-game AI operative system named 'MANIE' take you through.

Visual and Gameworld

MANE visual are inspired and based on the concept of how lion life is a tragedy that keep going on naturally
in every cycle of new generation born in the wild to the next. Until only to be captured through the lens of documentary
to our human interpretation; That the lion way of life is framed to become meaningful.
Telling a glorious tale as we are being narrated into. The Game tries to translate that concept poetically
with exaggerated visual a stageplay/storybook -like presentation.

The stage platform will represent the gameworld space for the player to navigate around and interact.
The stage platform is also operated in grid system pieces connecting together with different height
and some hexagon pathways to piecing inbetween. This pieces way of assembling allows the platform to be likea template
which make it convenient to create different iteration of scene in the same type of area.
It is also provide a playful choreographed platform assembling style like SuperGiant's Bastion (which is such a cool game).

Before when I came up with the design of the stage-like. I was initially planned to make just a layering backdrop scene
like a curtain opening up after one another.But then it gives a little space for possibility to explore
or become anything other than being a background.  

Making choices , consequence and roleplay.

Phases periods and cycles

MANE Narrative are moved by periods of player's lion 3 phases; youth ,coalition and ruling periods.
Each Phase will presented in limited cycles and Every cycle presented with a list of possible actions to take.

MANE have the Point-and-click style gameworld style. The scene will be full of interaction.
Each Cycle player can roaming around the area engaging with the interactable objects and NPCs provided the choices
that can result in shifting and shaping the cub skills and relationship or event consequence in long-run.

Aside from the interactives in the area, Major choices happen in the event card.
Event Interface will prompt when drawn such one.

In Youth periods. the narrative will be linear. in 10 cycles play will begin each one
with 'a event card of the cycle'. Then, player are free to choose action to take in that cycle
; doing brother quest, roaming the area or draw an more event card.

In Coalition periods, The player will be introduced to 'MAP' that the player is free to travelling around outside the are in youth periods.
Travelling is at the cost of using cycles. Coalition consist of 30 cycles. so The player must to plan their move strategically .
With also 'Food resource' variable introduced, Each cycle is required. And If the food resource ran out,
The player was to draw a penalty card that challenge skill or relationship and will have dire consequence.
'Food resource' can be gain either by hunting prey or draw a prey event card up.
Within 30 Cycles,The player was to train their lion skill ,dominance ranking and maintaining a relationship between brothers.
If the player is ready and to choose to conquer other territory and gain pride for own.
then player will be have another source of food resource by the female pride.

Then Come Ruling periods Assuming player survive the wild in 30 cycles.
5 cycles will be periods representing the conclusion of player achievement.whether the territories player owned or none.
Your lion fate and offspring, Your brother Fate and How your legacy will come to an end.


'MANIE' also will be bringing up 'Fact cards' providing a real fact and information
about lion behavior and details throughout the narrative and many more!
MANIE will be notifying player of any new information/an help available on her left panel UI.


With a tale focusing on Brothers, player cub interaction with brother is essential.

Black Beard : Older who show sign of ferocity and sign of dominance.
Moon : Hyper-active lion cub with a taste for curiosity
Winky : A brother born after you from the same. your closest.  
Mholophe: White lion cub

Every brother have their full narrative quest helping on determining player cub relationship
or dominance over one another. as each cycle player can choose who would the cub will spending time to.

//Another thing left to cover is Lion stats variables and how the Hunting gameplay UI functioning.
which either i will update the same devlog or put it in the another devlog with some juicy art of wearable for customize your lion!.

A tiny DEMO Teaser is expected really soon. It is a short introduction and prologue of the full game.
feel free to follow to check it out on Sun-torn.itch.io/mane //
i will proibably ping it here when it come out

Consider Support on follow in any platform here
TigSource | IndieDB| GameJolt|Itch.io|

or Follow @SuntornFriends or Me! @Khaninni

or even join the discord which i set it up very recently for any news and discussion about the gamedev.

Thank you so much for reading! alets end this long devpost with MANE GAMEART i made.
Hopefully throughout the developing of the game. i will eventually have a full deck of tarot cards! that will be absolutely awesome!

 Beer! Beer! Beer!
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Roughly aware of music

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« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2019, 08:22:16 AM »

So far, this has a striking, interesting style to it. Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

Music Composer
Portfolio website: https://www.robotcoffin.com/
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« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2019, 09:28:35 AM »

Also really digging the style, posting to follow.
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« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2019, 10:06:32 AM »

All I can say is wow, the graphic design and illustration work you have so far, is far beyond what I'm seem from fully released indie games, fantastic job.

I love the central idea of this vicious cycle and exploration of lions which is something I never really wanted to understand and reflect on.

And damn can I say I love the idea of Manie the interactive UI element, just well done all around. Also as an amateur board game designer I just love design of those tarot cards. Obviously there purpose are different I'm assuming from that in a deck for a tabletop game, but regardless great job.

Good luck with the rest of the project, excited to see it develop.


“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
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GameDev - #SW3EO + #MANE

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« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2020, 05:11:20 AM »

DEVLOG#00 : The Beginning , Mafia Lion and Timeless tale that need to be told
** {disclaimer-ish} this is one of a six the continuous devlog writtings in the process of covering how MANE came up to be,
design in-sight and development. So if you want a spoiler-free experience of MANE you might consider skip these.

MANE began with the vision I have last November when the first 'Lion King (2019)' trailer came up.
it has sparked my friend to introduce me to the documentary called 'Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand (2015)'
or as he called it "a realistic gruesome Lion King". And, my opinion upon a watch was "whoaa.. these Lion life are so mafia-like!"
It is so shockingly cruel and ruthless in the way lion social and territorial behavior functions .
especially to the reserve staff filming years away to see how their lion fate from a cute little cub unfolds in bloody conflict.
yet It's a sad and heartfelt tale of a forgotten glorious life. These lions have lead cycles of generation after cycles.

What fascinated me from the documentary is the harrowing way of nature in its unbending law that animals have no choice but to obey.
An example from one of the shocking scenes (spoiler ahead); A crash between brothers dominance within the same pride
as there can be the only one leading. The older had given up his position to the younger. In order to announce that,
the younger 'ATE' the older offspring. What should we make of that!?
these behaviors that is almost ritual-like are common understanding among them.
Our human view perception simply cannot fully empathize to their instinct reasoning.
However we will always view animal actions as absolute innocent
cause their actions are of no malice intent. it just the way it is.
That's why people are more sympathetic to animals than humans even sometimes are quite misplace.

Lions are not the best hunters. a bad one even considering their agility or ability to track and hunt.
That's why their social structure functions the way they are to survive together.
However with its unique characteristic behavior and maybe along with their big fearsome looking furry mane.
Lion has become one of the common use to symbolize. It is a common charge in heraldry symbolized for nobility
,valour or royalty. As in the old time people rarely saw it in person but only through the depiction of in books and tales and
glorified them as king of the beast. The association between royalty and lion has become familiar to us already.
So Lion King(1994) is literally a royal conflict story; a runaway prince betrayed by his uncle
and back to claim his rightful throne. Barely to do with lion in its nature element.

So, I created MANE to translate that in game. It is Another 'exciting?' tale of a royal prince of the wild
looking forward to the throne. But instead not diminished the reality of lion nature and creating this juxtaposition look into the lion life.
an familiar protagonist RPG tale with a blunt truth telling underneath. still keeping the cute and the charm of
why we came to love Lion King and adore lions as animals. I also personally inspired the work of Richard Adams :
Watership Down (1978). regarding his telling of gruesome tales about animals but most of work will usually be associated with humans cruelty too.
To concluded, My motto throughout the creation process is ‘make it cute ,cruel and wild’

Re: the execution and insight detail of how MANE gameplay and RPG element will be covered in the next DEVlog

DEVLOG#01 : "It's Lion! but with a Sword!" , Guide to create a National graphic RPG - or gain the early access on my KO-FI

snippet of some gif i post on twiiter @SuntornStudio

"Sleep away! little cub.. for these carefree days will not last. "

- A platform for sleep to proceed the day and save in #MANE lion sim narrative RPG

"snippet of your cub royal childhood day."

okay! shameless self-promo advertisement section :

soo.. did you know MANE have a KOFI page!! it is an ongoing funds to support my studio which currently an solo-dev attempt .
Currently the 1st stretch goal is MANEKI-gotchi ; an in-game virtual that will roaming your interface while the player following your lion journey.

MANE can be Pre-Order now on a KOFI shop with Tier 01 : Early-bird price or
on 'Tier 02 : Legacy Archivist which will grant you the backer exclusive : current gift : Maneki-Neko headband
{ the one little cub above is wearing with a lucky coin symbol on the head }
every 25% mile stone will unlock some more exclusive gift to stack ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Do follow @SuntornStudio on Twitter for more of the snippet and Cat meme or
Wishlist MANE on steam  . any support will be so much appreciated -

- Khanin @KhanKanin


Follow @SuntornStudio | Me @KhanKanin
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