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Author Topic: Game developer salaries  (Read 313 times)
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« on: August 21, 2019, 08:21:42 AM »

Sorry if I did something wrong here was looking but the only way I could fond to post was reply. I have a question, i dabble in game development and for a living I do web development Php, c++ and python mainly but whatever the need is mostly I try and use it.

For me an maybe this is due to not knowing so much about "game programming" it seems like a wayyyy more complicated task than your usual standard web and app programmer.

From what I have read here another barrier for you guys is creating getting a game exposure ( i know this can also be a struggle with apps but not nearly as much ) and creating one that is really good. Its almost equivalent to getting a book out it seems.

I would think that game programmers if that is even the correct term would be very high up when it comes to salaries, yet it doesn't seem so and it seems like most guys do it par time. I get there aren't as many jobs out there in this field.

Just to look at some of the things guys post around the forum which are simple to them and  seem simple to the average joe i think geez how much work went into doing that its amazing.

Is there a problem in this industry as far as a proper payscale is concerned? Or does it just work in  way that i do not understand.

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