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Author Topic: Skyous  (Read 190 times)
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« on: October 15, 2019, 12:06:48 PM »

Hello, fellow Game developers!

I am very happy to publish my 5 months old Unity project today: Skyous
Hope, mystery, and stress are all over me  Waaagh! Smiley WTF


Sky living Skyous descends upon earth to visit his mother only to find the world completely drained out by Imitheos.

The game is a real-world adventure from Sao Paulo Brazil to Tokyo Japan
The mechanics are quirky. The music is celestial and the graphics are vivid.

Trailer & Screenshots

Skyous is available on

    Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1167350/Skyous/
    App Store : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/skyous/id1479434368
    Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NomismaStudio.Skyous

Dunedin, Skyous and resources

It all started in Dunedin, New Zealand.
That magical place made me enter the world of Game Development and conjure Skyous in a day's night. I will not speak of Dunedin. She's too charming to be manifested with words.

So I joined Unity earlier this year, 2019. With regard to the dangerous idea of cross-platform game development. I pushed forward. For I desired experience in both fields. I took a big risk with Skyous. For it was both aside and a full-time project. On some occasions, I will bring fourteen hours a day in development, and at others, I would skip out for a week or more. I did not realize how demanding a fully developed game is. It's like .. a real baby.

For the resources, the audio you hear in Skyous is entirely made by a British sound engineer, few graphical assets were purchased and fewer still are the purchased scripts. The rest was hand made.

Due to my non-existent experience in gaming. I made Skyous a 2D game with a 3D concept. Skyous should have been a 3D game, however.

Whenever this version becomes even a slight success (production break-even point reached). I will make a better and more professional 3D version with advanced functionality like multiplayer.

Skyous production cost : -$17,800 USD ( mostly time )

Reality shock
Three weeks in a whirlpool with Game influencers, journalists and publishers left me in awe. ​

My main focus was on Youtubers/Streamers. From the two hundred personal emails I sent, only seven responses were yielded. Five demanded I pay a huge sum upfront and the remaining two apologized for no longer participating in Game Reviews and generously "wish you luck"-ed me.

Now I come from a totally remote industry, electronics, electricity, and software. My variant skills, while resilient, do not even remotely intersect with social media marketing. To add insult to injury, I myself don't value/use social-media. Which only means ...   Addicted Huh?

"Don't suffocate over it, it's just a game" - I keep reminding myself ;]

I will try and publish few posts here in there (by that I mean this post actually). Maybe by some luck, a Youtuber would review Skyous for the fun of it.

But in shorts, If I am going to name one big mistake in my first unity project.
I would call up digital marketing. It surely requires it's own time and resources.

A friend of mine spoke of Kickstarter. Perhaps I will understand what that is soon.

Feedback & Contact
Leave me feedback by using this eloquent Google survey :

Also, let's talk about Skyous & You. DM here or on my newbie account on Twitter :

Whether 1,10,000 or 1,000,000 unit/s will be sold in Skyous. Let us all lay back, grab our favorite drinks and watch how far this bad boy will reach!

Find more and keep track of Skyous progress at

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