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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperArt (Moderator: JWK5)[Character Concept] Now where did I put that sword?
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Author Topic: [Character Concept] Now where did I put that sword?  (Read 1238 times)
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« on: November 18, 2019, 08:47:20 PM »

Please check it out and leave any thoughts and opinions.

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« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2019, 05:24:53 AM »

When critiquing drawings, I notice 2 groups: critiques in the concept and critiques in the drawing's execution;

I mainly just concentrate my critique on things you should reexamine.

Drawing critique:

Things that stand out include the weight on the hips and general weight in the pose, the hand shapes - these two things are done right, they look just right. This drawing looks a little too clean and I think it would be way more successful to try to imagine this character in action rather than an idle pose.  Even if this were sold as being in thi style so that a 3D artist could have a reference, I think that its better that the drawing is in action. The cleanliness in the lines stands out but that leads into the next point.  

The line weight isn't varied to the extent it deserves, and so it reads very obviously as a bit slap dash, despite the fact that you've tried to make it seem polished by cleaning the lines.  Prime example is the tips of the hair which should require much more delicacy, but it was left with the thicker line weight which makes it stand at these strange little nubs which stand out a lot in the silhouette image.  The hair needs more attention; not its style, but its execution seems like an after thought.

There are many places which could deserve more detail and thought, especially the magical effects around the floating discs.  
The floating discs are mostly projected from the view where they appear as an oval, but it would be better to have more variance in their projection i.e. view the from more various and dramatic angles; a circle, a flat line, various ovals, etc.

The flesh colored area beneath the robe has a few lines which makes gives it that tiny bit of ambiguity as to whether its flesh or cloth, such as those rogue lines near the armpits.  The black line between the breasts reads more as a seam than some kind of cloth strip.  If it is flesh, its hard to understand how the robe in the front is folded near her breasts and staying up, especially if her arms were to have any motion at all, the front would fall down.  If it IS cloth, its close enough to her face tone that its confusing.

Concept critique:  

The hands are floating using strange discs which is cool, especially where they're broken at the wrists and hilt.  However the gold discs are confusing to understand at the moment; are they metal, energy, hot, cold, moving?

That they arms are wrapped in  some kind of duct tape seems redundant in the face of technology that can float, and it really only serves to show, by the hanging strands, that the arms are in fact floating.   That being said, it would be much more beautiful,if the strands are necessary, to have them trailing the arms as if the arms were in motion rather than statically floating.

The last thing which is strange is that the swords carried by the robot are medieval style swords.  I think it would be cooler not to give the arms hands, but the arms themselves would be designed more like the sword handles with the black wrapped pattern instead of just being the ambiguous grey wrap.  Then blades would just be floating from the golden discs where there were previously hands.
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