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Author Topic: Managing my Game as a product  (Read 946 times)

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« on: November 19, 2019, 10:58:14 AM »

I'm a software engineer and i have entered game development field (Unity) for the last couple of months .
I have made a couple of games on android using Unity that are only at concept stage now.
And i mean by concept stage , that i'm focusing only currently on game play , not graphics and levels and anything else now.
The games i have made are similar to (Color Switch) on mobile (The game has no levels , but gets harder with higher score or time).
I'm making games with least resources now then decide which game i should focus on after getting feedback from users.
I need guidance for the next steps that i should be doing.
Like for example should i focus on one game and expand it ? Should i publish and market all of these games with their current state then get feedback with the best game then focus on it ? Should i use ASO (app store optimization) now  ....etc
What i think i need is a game product manager , or an experienced indie game developer that can guide me what should i do for the next step.
For anyone who has experienced a state similar to mine , can you share with us some knowledge about how to manage a game in means of marketing and everything else (not code related) ?
To confirm my question , I'm not asking for example how to market my games , but i'm asking at which stage i should start marketing my games...etc
I know answering this question could be big , but i need just some guide lines for now.
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