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Author Topic: Maximum Security [VAPOURWARE] (Pretty much finished and fixed!)  (Read 2831 times)
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« on: June 27, 2009, 11:19:49 PM »

Hey there, this is my entry for the Vapourware contest, I hope it's alright.

I ran into a lot of problems with the contest, especially concerning the original project of mine, which was suffering from serious musical glitches and bugs. I'm not a very good programmer, so my code most likely isn't up to scratch with most of the people here D:. I've had to try and pull a "Ludum Dare" and make a game in roughly 48 hours to get something for this project, and with the assistance of a friend of mine I've been able to get something done.

I'm not sure if the music is 100% bug free in this game, the audio for a certain song in it has suddenly seemingly become very harsh sounding despite the ogg for it being the same.

The basic storyline of the game (which I haven't been able to add fully into the game due to lack of sleep, aaugh), is that a Metropolis's Computer Network has gone haywire after contracting a virus. Being so vast, many people are unable to understand it, thus the system runs riot until a single engineer, known as Walker, approaches and takes on the challenge. I hope this is okay Tongue, it's based on the vapourware game "Super Password" for the NES.




If you would like me to find another place to host it just say, the only file hosting site I really know of is save file :S.


Sorry, I forgot to say that X = Jump and Z = Restart, the Arrow Keys used to turn. Thr goal is to clear as many tiles as possible from the board whilst reaching the exit.


Uh wow, I managed to have a few bugs slip through the cracks in this. They're fixed now, and the link has been updated to fit.
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