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TIGSource ForumsCommunityDevLogs[Diablo 2][Dungeon Keeper] crossover fangame - The Shaman's order
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Author Topic: [Diablo 2][Dungeon Keeper] crossover fangame - The Shaman's order  (Read 214 times)
John Moon

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« on: December 01, 2019, 01:19:03 PM »

Hello there,

So this is it. Call me old fashioned, but I've never been able to let go of Dungeon Keeper and Diablo 2. A few months ago, I stumbled upon some great spriter website... Which had me start developping my own D2/DK fangame right away.

Also thankful for TIGForums's devlog section as sharing one's progress is a priceless source of motivation.

Here's a short video, I'll upload on YouTube soon

What's the game about ?
As a Fallen Shaman (diablo 2 act 1 creature), you've been recruited by one of Diablo's lesser evil lord to establish multiple encampments and spread terror and destruction in various places of Sanctuary (the world).
To do so, you will have to gather up resources (gold) and find ways to summon creatures from Hell.

Woh-oh, fangame you said ? CEASE AND DESIST... OR wait ?
I am well aware of copyrights, which is why I will not be releasing this game... Ever. What I hope to achieve with is it share my progress, learn a lot (both from my mistakes, and from your feedback), and eventualy build something I will be able to play on my very own. I will only be publishing videos/gifs/screenshots.

Core principle : KISS (keep it simple)
Having built different games or apps, I know my (the?) main enemy is complexity. Which is why I will be focusing on few simple features that hold great gaming value (focus on the fun stuff !).

Let's get technical
The reason why I'm going for a fangame is both to keep learning/exercice as I code, and to enjoy myself. Which is why I have chosen a technology I love : webgl. My game is a 3D webgame, built in webgl. The tech challenges here are :

- mix 3D and sprites harmoniously
- heavyly rely on GLSL
- keep it ultra smooth (> 60fps) at all times, on mobile and lowend computers

So what do I have so far ?
I'm two months into the coding of the game and so far, I have :
- An infinite map system that allows one to explore as far as one's able to (which is not far at all, unless you are extremely lucky and heavily geared)
- About 10ish different minions, all able to move, attack, idle, die
- A herd system (currently finishing up pathtracing for minions that follow the master not to go through structures)

What are the next steps ?
- The digging system (take down dirt/stone and dig for gold)
- The summoning logic : just as in Dungeon Keeper, the center of your encampment (outdoors version of DK's dungeon) will be marked by an Evil Seal. That seal will beam with dark power and spawn evil creatures that you manage to draw to your den.

Alright that's it for now ! Any feedback, input, warning, love letters welcome... Glad to be here too !  Wink
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