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October 01, 2022, 06:37:55 AM

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TIGSource ForumsCommunityDevLogsJuice World (Alpha Available!) - a ragdoll combat adventure sandbox
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Author Topic: Juice World (Alpha Available!) - a ragdoll combat adventure sandbox  (Read 27556 times)
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« Reply #20 on: March 27, 2020, 02:08:56 AM »

Whew, since I released it last week, I've updated it four times, not counting hotfixes. I've been watching people play and rushing to smooth out faults in the gameplay. There are a some persistent bugs. Also the tutorial doesn't really suffice, there are a lot of less than intuitive mechanics introduced all at once and some people get stuck. I don't know how to put the power-swing mechanic into words so that people will get it quickly.

The plunger, worst weapon in the game (so far).

The new Skull hat. It's really hard to get a look at the player's face in this game.

I made Heck a lot prettier this week, using spherical UV unwrap and texture scaling/scrolling.

Changes summary:
- Improved Ingot/Signy dialogs to more clearly explain how mechanics work
- Added triggered monster spawns in the Evil Cabin and Cavern
- Made the Evil Cavern / Heck a lot prettier and smoother
- Made the graveyard into a quest that rewards you with a Skull Hat
- Added Mr. Fox to the graveyard, he doesn't do much right now
- Made compass a little more clear, lots of people thought there was a mission out in the wilderness
- Generally polished or fixed a lot of little things in the game
- Started using Butler on itch.io for the automatic updates
- Introduced like six game-breaking bugs and mostly fixed them (mostly)

I've been posting devlogs on itch.io for each update as well:

I'm currently working on a couple big bugs, but after that I really want to add in a leaping, flying fish monster and a flail. Also the boss needs work. I have his voice acting like half done. And everyone wants to fly back up to school and beat the hell out of Mrs Slitherss, so I'll have to do something about that.

Also on the agenda is an inventory system, though that's probably a little ways off.

Micah, haha thank you, I like making things trippy.
Suttebun, that's what I like to hear x)
Oblix, yeah we'll see him again. And I see you have mastered aerial combat lmao

Thank you all for the encouragement, it means a lot.

This is so weird. I love it!
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« Reply #21 on: June 04, 2020, 04:32:47 PM »

I'm still here. It wasn't my intention to abandon the thread, I just a little behind on things. The community has grown really fast and I've felt pressured to keep adding content to the game, at the same time as reworking existing systems, and I tend to let things go.

@JobLeonard Smiley thanks!

We are at version 0.0.10 now. I've added a boss, a car, settings menu, reworked some systems and fixed a ton of bugs. Next up is some more story, and some GUI updates for inventory and challenges.

Juice School Reunion:

There was a big content update for April Fools: people had been to wanting kill Mrs. Slitherss for weeks and I managed to make a decent boss fight in time. The speedrunning strat at the time was to fly straight to the hella OP draginslayer (a ripoff of the Dragonslayer from Berserk) and use it to one-shot the first boss. My big funny joke was to replace it with a giant plunger, and then give it to Mrs. Slitherss to punish those who had been abusing it. Now you have to beat her to get it.

Once the player flies back up to Juice School, she gives them a quick lecture on delinquency and then tries to fry you with her lasers again. If you have enough HP to survive, the fight starts. She alternates attack modes, charging you with the sword three times, and then summoning three skeletons. The fight is pretty simple, but still difficult (if not frustrating). The combat system is still hard to control, so I made her easy to kill if you have maxed stats.

My friend contributed a track for the boss fight, and I accidentally made a pretty decent track too, for after she is beaten and dies takes a long nap.

Vehicles and Wheel Physics:

I recently added the first vehicle, with sound design help from BCFRecords. Unity's wheel collider doesn't fit what I want to do, so I made my own. It uses a cylindrical convex meshcollider for the wheels and then spins them via configurable joints. This would work in real life, but since the wheels are rigidbodies in game, they don't act like real rubber. So, like the Unity wheelCollider, I calculate the slip values using dot products, and then supplement the wheels traction and sideways slide resistance. The interaction of the rapidly spinning mesh collider with the ground was still clunky, but I found that by reducing the maxAngularVelocity of the bodies to 1 radian, the instability is greatly reduced, and the rigidbodies smear along the ground like butter. From there I'm able to rely on the traction supplements. To make the wheels actually spin visually, I fake the rotation using a separate wheel graphic. It is quirky, but works really well. With some down-force the car is even able to climb vertical walls.

After the wheel physics reached this point, I was able to slop together a script to get the player inside the car, add rocket thrusters, and manual car rolling when you hold space bar. Similar to the in-air rolling mechanic of Need for Madness. The car is currently OP, as the player is basically invincible inside, but will become balanced as I rework the doll system.

In 100 years when I get the inventory system functional, I'd like to make the car modifiable.

The doll system makes ragdolls much more manipulable through scripting. This is a player mutation script.

Doll Management System:

I'm currently unifying all objects with rigidbodies (player, monsters, weapons, vehicles) in the game as "dolls". Each has a Doll.cs script attached that contains a list of DollParts and DollJoints and registers the doll to DollSystem.cs.

This generalization lets me write effects like GrowDoll, MutateDoll, ShakeDoll, StretchDoll, and make anything in the game edible, targetable, etc... The gif above pictures the player doll being mutated. I'm currently working on logic for 'merging' dolls, which will be used for wearable equipment that modifies the player's collision shape.

The combat system is also being rewritten with the doll system for more consistent hit behavior, and to make any doll collision damaging. Soon, monsters will take damage when they bump hard into each other or into walls. The player will be able to tackle monsters to death. The car will be able to take damage.

~~~~~~~~ Plans/Challenges for the Future ~~~~~~~~

Inventory System
I'm planning on doing something like System Shock 2's inventory, where you hit tab to enter inventory mode and then you are presented with an item grid like that of Diablo II. My idea is to make the player eat/spit out items when they are picked up/dropped.

I've been putting a lot of thought into a magic loot system. That is, items can drop with modifiers (+damage, +player stats, weapon size modifier, chance to cast, +hp regen, +defense) and it is up to the player to find loot to improve their character. Crafting like that in Median XL or Path of Exile is also on the menu. There's so much to do lol.

Thing is, I'm not sure how to introduce the mechanic. The game is getting really complicated, as if it weren't hard enough for new players to understand before. I'll probably voice act a lot of explanatory dialogue to add into the tutorial so at least the player doesn't have to read a whole book to learn how to play.

With the doll system I wrote, it's easy to do things like mutate monster proportions, freeze monsters, ignite them, fatten them, shrink them, and probably other stuff I haven't thought of. I intend to make spells learnable by completing quests, killing bosses, or just finding them. This makes it easy to give a bit of backstory to each spell.

I'm figuring out a new controls scheme in conjunction with the inventory system. Ideally, you'll be able to tab-target monsters (or just look in their general direction), and then cast spells with hotkeys, selected by hovering over spells in inventory and hitting hotkey you want to bind.

World Expansion
I am mixing handmade locations with procedural generation. Next up I'm aiming to make a road to lead between areas, and spread things out. I want to generate some forests, sky islands, lakes, dungeons, and tribal villages with friendly little fat people.

I'm getting into volumetric terrain generation via marching cubes: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_qiC_-pe6s/

I'm reeeeally excited for this as right now there isn't much to do with the flight mechanic, which is one of the best parts of the game. I do need to make some monsters that wont just fall off of the sky islands though.

Perk: a positive gameplay modifier that can be earned and activated by completing challenges (magic find, increased knockback, spell power)
Quirk: often negative gameplay modifier (double gravity, vulnerable player, tiny weapons, increased difficulty) applied to a new game or activated in game
Challenge: accomplish feat (boss kill, speedrun, chain kill, etc.) possibly under effect of specific quirks, to unlock new perks

I haven't finalized this idea, but I will at least include quirk selection on the new game screen in a future update. This will let the player set their difficulty, play with world values (gravity, timescale), and let the community set challenges.

Juice Galaxy ragdoll-physics rpg where you bop and eat monsters and fly.

Instagram ~ Itch.io
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« Reply #22 on: June 04, 2020, 08:03:38 PM »

Yay, an update!
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« Reply #23 on: July 31, 2020, 11:09:34 AM »

fucking wow

i make games that can only ever be played once on http://throwaway.fun

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« Reply #24 on: July 31, 2020, 10:56:04 PM »

It looks like its up there with ol pewds game: poopdie. Hand Thumbs Up RightHand Thumbs Up RightHand Thumbs Up Right. Not bad dood.
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« Reply #25 on: February 14, 2021, 10:46:28 PM »

I don't know how I ended up on this game, but I was scrolling through Itch.io and found it. Amazing work. This kind of stuff is what got me into making games in the first place.

What will you make?

Scarlet Tower DevLog
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« Reply #26 on: September 14, 2022, 06:57:16 AM »

And here is my own cringeworthy voice acting:

Nah that voice acting got me juicy~

This looks like a neat game. :0

Hello! I'm Darian Draught. :D
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« Reply #27 on: September 19, 2022, 07:59:50 AM »

The dev doesn't really post here any more but the game still gets updates on itch.io
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« Reply #28 on: September 21, 2022, 01:13:18 PM »

This really hits those demented PSX/N64-era notes. In particular it makes me think of Glover. Something about those early 3D games with open spaces and jagged, distorted landscapes makes you feel so deeply lonesome. This game captures some of that, but also feels like it's straddling the line between a pleasant dream and a nightmare.
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