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August 05, 2021, 08:56:05 AM

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Author Topic: Codename: Mystery Babylon - Tactical RPG  (Read 4779 times)
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« Reply #40 on: July 04, 2021, 09:02:04 AM »

Congratulations on the Steam page! I can't wait to see the colored version of the map Smiley

Thanks I appreciate it!

I'm back to TigSource with a massive update -- it's been some time! We are working towards launching an alpha in August, followed by a Kickstarter campaign!

We have a lot of content, so I'm am splitting the alphas into episodic content. Chapter 1 is what releases in August.

Battle System & Battle Sprites

We've made a tremendous amount of progress on our battle sprites. To void a huge post, I've taken the courtesy of combining them all here:


The process of putting them in is already underway:

video: https://streamable.com/qxvf8l

I am focusing on hooking the sprites into the existing system based on Mecanim Animation Events. Then, I'll polish over their timing and the speed of the battle scene.

I've heard feedback that calls the battle scene too slow, so we'll be adding a Hold Z key or gamepad A button to go 1.5x-2x the speed.

There's more battle sprites to come, but I am proud of them!

Dialog System

Our Dialog system is nearly complete.

video: https://streamable.com/56hmws

This is the starting scene of the game, the main characters riding a carriage:

I've written all the dialogue for "Chapter 1" and about 25% of Chapter 2. Chapter 1's dialogue spanned 48 pages in a screenplay sort of format -- I expect Chapter 2 to be way longer.

Anyway, our Articy integration has gone well. The last obstacle is queuing events to occur before or after a certain "Dialogue Fragment" is played.

Our solution for the time being, is "Ghost Dialogues". Dialogue Fragments that have no purpose but to queue custom actions in the game engine:

Once we've got a strong handle on that, I will be adding all the dialogue and using built-in and writing custom events.


We have quite a bit of UI on the way:

Our UI code has been refactored nicely and we've begun with simple options menus:

World Map

This is actually STILL in progress. Understandably so, it's mega hi-res and has many unique locations. The following is a WIP focusing only on terrain detailing:

Preparing for Kickstarter

I've nailed down what our backer rewards will be and plan to shoot a video near the end of this month.

First, I want to create a good cinematic that will show before the game starts & at the start of the video:

It's based on the longer version I posted below. It's about 8 seconds and 58 frames, so I have an artist working to animate ti as pixel art:

This will be a series of 8 seconds fade in and out environments that'll play for about 50sec. I imagine we'll be starting with just the one, however.

Merch and Prints

I've found a good offshore source for getting some custom letterman varsity jackets done:

About 4 samples have been ordered for around $120 a jacket after shipping.

I learned a bit about textile manufacturing. To make the end product closer to my expectations, I took the liberty of having the embroidery on the jackets premade and the factory only has to plug in the files to their embroidery machine:

All thanks to Etsy.

We also have 100% hemp tees being made:

I'll be wearing the tee and the varsity in my Kickstarter video. I went to Kinkos and have a large print of the game's cover:

These will be backer rewards as well.

I've also requested the creator of our world map to send me the physical copy of the uncolored version.

With the game's cover, uncolored map, and my attire, we'll have a lot of great shots! Smiley

Mailing List

After speaking with BackerKit, they've sent me this:

About two days back, I took the time to add Mailchimp to the site and start our mailing list.

The website alone won't do, so I had an idea. Using my past webdev experience, I created a mailing list blurb that plays at the start of the demo:

video: https://streamable.com/yxz208

It will be skippable by holding Space bar or gamepad X for 3 seconds.

The idea it to turn all our alpha players into mailing list subscribers! It should be more effective than the website's by far! I pulled it off using Best HTTP/2 for web requests and using Mailchimp's API.

That's about it! Thanks for reading!

I'd appreciate anyone who likes the game and my updates to sign up for our mailing list!
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« Reply #41 on: July 28, 2021, 11:07:08 PM »

I just reread the complete devlog, as I'm battling with the same issues in the graphics and AI departments. It's very informative, thanks for posting all your thoughts.

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