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Author Topic: 2D Pixelart and Animation  (Read 789 times)
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« on: February 16, 2020, 12:01:56 PM »

Hi everyone!
My name is Riccardo and I am a 2D pixel artist and animator based in Italy.

I'm exeperienced in creating 2D pixelart assets for videogames.
I worked on 198X, Tor Eternum and more.
I'm looking out for new projects.

My skills are:
- Creation of character sprites for topdown view or platform games, going from a simple functional animation to a more complex cartoon/anime like animation, including humans, beasts, animals, robots, monsters etc...
- Tileset creation (as seen before, for topdown and platform games) of fantasy or sci-fi assets comprensive of background elements for parallax effect;
- Portraits and cutscenes content;
- HUD including lifebars, menus, icons;
- Visual effects like water, fire, magic, sparcles, smoke, dust, explosions etc...

Anyway, I'm open to the idea of trying new things and work outside of my confort zone.
I'm exeprienced in team work and I accept either new material or modifications on existing assets.

I don't work for free!
I'm searching for some interesting project to join, short or long term works.
For any question or need you can contact me by email ( [email protected] ) or directly here on tigsource.

You can see some of my works by scrolling down.
Hope you enjoy.

Here are part of the assets I made for Tor Eternum by Sorcerous Gaming:

These are part of the asset of a bunch of some projects in development:

-Sci-fi robot platformer:

-Project Rift (provisory title):

And below we have various Backgrounds, Portraits, Mockups and other stuff done for testing:

This one is my entry for the Lone Fungus hat contest:

Here are part of the assets I made for 198X by Hi-bit studios:

The screen behind the Outrun like minigame Runaway:

Some assets for the city and desert levels of the game:

A cutscene's background:

These are some assets I made for the game Swords of Calengal, in development by United Lines

Some mobs and bosses of the game:

An ancient ruins technological door:

An outdoor view (work in progress):

Two views on the mountain village:

And some other assets I made for fun, jams and exercise:


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