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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperBusinessFeedback on my first attempt at a Trailer
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Author Topic: Feedback on my first attempt at a Trailer  (Read 1438 times)
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« on: April 02, 2020, 07:38:30 PM »

So this is my first time ever making a trailer and using the video editing software.
I am quite inexperienced and would love it if some of you could give me feedback!  Smiley

You can try the game here!  It's free!  :D
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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2020, 01:34:57 AM »

It's a great trailer, it really gives a feel for what the game is about.

I'm no expert on trailers but some things you might think about:

1. Change the thumbnail of the YT video to be a mix of the game being played and your logo. Your logo is neat but doesn't tell me what the game is. The gameplay does, so I'd consider changing the thumbnail to be about that.
2. Don't put your logo at the start of the game, start with the gameplay at 0:16, where one player is shielding the other. This says so much about what the game is.
3. After you've shown 3 clips, then put some text up about why Roopit and Boopit are doing this. It only needs to be there for 2 seconds and must be quick to read. Then 3 more clips, more text etc. Finish with the logo.
4. In the description of the video, put 3 #tags to describe your game. Also make the text punchy: what is the aim? Then put a call to action: PLAY IT NOW: [link to itch.io]
5. Change the title of video to what the game is: Co-op puzzler - Roopit and Boopit [Trailer Apr 2020]
6. Remove WIP. If people can play it now, then you're at v1. Great! Then just up the trailer date and version number.
7. Have a look at similar games and check out how their trailers are constructed. What's the order of things?

Just some thoughts, I hope some of that is helpful.

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« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2020, 10:40:57 AM »

The trailer is okay, not too long. 1:08 is okay, I didn't feel the need to stop watching it. It is dynamic, the music good. It is also joyfull Toast Right. I have only two negative comments:
- Watching the trailer I don't know if it is a 2 player game or one game where I play 2 characters.
- The "Play it" at the end, It's too bad the typo is not better. It looks cheap, it took me out of the universe of your game.

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