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Author Topic: Golden Light - FPS roguelike / survival horror  (Read 1241 times)
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« on: April 17, 2020, 03:07:36 AM »

Hi there! Name is Daneel, I'm making a first person survival horror game with guns and melee combat, procedural levels and weapons, randomized "potions" and NPCs placements and also af course a variation of perma death!

State of the game
The game is currently in somewhat of an open-early-pre-alpha-demo-version-state. We're gonna launch Steam early Access this summer. We've started the development 4 months ago together with my fella.
Than, a month ago I've lost my job and decided to develop Golden Light full time hahaha!

Wishlist Golden Light in Steam:

Also you can play the game for free here:

And this is our Discord channel, you are welcomed!

Mid game combat example

This is a boss fight work in progress

This is a hub location, similar to Hunter's Dream from Bloodborne

Will update it further, stay tuned!

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« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2020, 12:05:09 PM »

Hello guys,
We are working hard on the game and today we'd like to talk about our progress and plans so far:

Public Demo

Currently if you want to play an early build of Golden Light you can grab it at two places:
Our gamejolt page: Here
and on Itchio: Here

It is absolutely free and this way you can track our progress on the game so far, as we're constantly updating those builds on both platforms. These builds are fully playable, and we would really love to hear from you guys about what you think on the current state of the game.


As i've stated before, we are constantly updating the game and about 3 weeks passed since we initially uploaded a build to one of aforementioned platforms. Here i'd like to list a number of important features that made it into the game after the initial build release and that will play a major role in our game later on:

Mementos: Mementos are basically skills for your character that you can find on each floor of your journey, and that as well can be bought from various NPCs you'll encounter on your way. Each memento grants you different abbilities. Here's some of them: Permament increase of your max Health/speed, permament decrease of your stamina usage for sprint/dash. Some of them will let you damage enemies when you dash and some will turn you crazy, adding elements of hallucinations into your playthrough.

Positive/Negative effects: Some rooms or encounters can poison you, and some might help you out by regenerating your health back. We're working hard on making more of these effects and adding it to the game to increase replaybillity and make each run unique.

Hub: After each death you'll now be transported to the hub. This is a calm field with different things to encounter, such as NPCs, items to help you in your next run and other interesting features. Further in game's development the Hub will evolve while you make progress in the game, adding more NPCs and encounters depending on how far did you get on your elevator.

Portable map: A lot of players had difficulties with navigation in our tight, sometimes maze-like enviroment, so we've made a portable map that you can take with you and never get lost again! (But be careful, it bites).

Of course there're much more thing we've fixed and added, but we'll inform you about those things in our regular patch notes that we'll be posting once per few days.

What we are working on right now

Currently there is much more stuff that we would like to implement and test out in preparation to our Early Access launch. First and foremost - The first boss fight of Golden Light. We're almost done with 3D art for this very encounter and soon we'll have more things to share.

Also, there's a "tools" mechanic now. Currently player can find a usable item with unknown effects. It is up to you how you would like to test those effects, whether by consuming the item, or by throwing it at your foes. As soon as we're ready to show it - we'll add it to early builds on aforementioned platforms.

We're also hard at work on new enviroments, as hellish office spaces may get boring after a few runs, so we're cooking up something new to add to the visuals as players progress through their journey.

Early Access

As soon as we feel we're ready to take our little game into an open sea of Early Access - we'll do exactly that. The current situation in the world due to Covid-19 leaves it's marks and some of developers on our team has lost their jobs and need to somehow support themselves. We're very determined to finish this game and would also like to do this with the help of our community that may be interested in seeing Golden Light bloom and shine at it's finest.

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« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2020, 09:32:19 AM »

Just a note: your demo-links don't seem to be appearing in your post above, I'm afraid. :/

As to the game itself, I quite like the art-style that I'm seeing here; good work, I think! ^_^

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