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TIGSource ForumsDeveloperAudioZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth - A Tiny JavaScript Sound Effect Engine
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Author Topic: ZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth - A Tiny JavaScript Sound Effect Engine  (Read 765 times)
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« on: May 01, 2020, 08:29:07 AM »

Howdy, this is a major update for ZzFX, my sound effect creation tool. The idea is to make a simpler and in some ways better bfxr alternative that can be used to generate sounds in real time rather then playing wave files.

This new version has over twice as many parameters, presets, improved compatibility, better UI, and so much more. Also the code has a very small footprint so it is suitable for code golfing competitions like js13k. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all do with it!

ZzFX Sound Designer

ZzFX Source on GitHub

ZzFX Sound Board Demo

Here's the code for the ZzFXmicro, this all you need to play ZzFX sounds!

zzfxV=.3 // volume
zzfx=    // play sound
(t=1,a=.05,e=220,n=0,f=0,z=.1,r=0,h=1,s=0,M=0,o=0,x=0,i=0,u=0,c=0,d=0,X=0,b=1,l=0,m=44100,B=[],C=zzfxX.createBufferSource(),P)=>{n=99+n*m,f*=m,z*=m,l*=m,X*=m;for(let C=2*Math.PI,P=t=>1+2*t*Math.random()-t,V=t=>0<t?1:-1,g=n+l+f+z+X,w=s*=500*C/m**2,A=e*=P(a)*C/m,D=V(c)*C/4,I=0,S=0,j=0,k=1,p=0,q=0,v=0;j<g;B[j++]=v)++q>100*d&&(q=0,v=I*e*Math.sin(S*c*C/m-D),v=V(v=r?1<r?2<r?3<r?Math.sin((v%C)**3):Math.max(Math.min(Math.tan(v),1),-1):1-(2*v/C%2+2)%2:1-4*Math.abs(Math.round(v/C)-v/C):Math.sin(v))*Math.abs(v)**h,v*=t*zzfxV*(j<n?j/n:j<n+l?1-(j-n)/l*(1-b):j<n+l+f?b:j<g-X?(g-j-X)/z*b:0),v=X?v/2+(X>j?0:(j<g-X?1:(j-g)/X)*B[j-X|0]/2):v),I+=P(u),S+=P(u),e+=s+=500*M*C/m**3,k&&++k>x*m&&(e+=o*C/m,A+=o*C/m,k=0),i&&++p>i*m&&(e=A,s=w,p=1,k=k||1);return(P=zzfxX.createBuffer(1,n+l+f+z+X,m)).getChannelData(0).set(B),C.buffer=P,C.connect(zzfxX.destination),C.start(),C},zzfxX=new AudioContext

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