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Author Topic: Looking into piloting a free marketing resource - hosted landing/game/dev pages  (Read 421 times)
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« on: May 11, 2020, 01:25:21 PM »

Hello all,

I'd love to help indie devs on their road to game publishing. I was thinking of starting a test pilot on my website. It would be a community section dedicated to indie devs who need that additional marketing help because they feel lost or don't have the budget for marketing. Ideas include having your own landing page, game page (with images, gameplay vids, etc), and profile page. In addition, it would allow you to publish articles (if you want) on anything to do with your game, the game dev process, etc completely free.

What I can offer
The ideas mentioned above.
Free - Since I already host my own website, you won't pay anything.
Visibility - My website brings in about 600 users per day from all over the world currently(~18k monthly) and is rapidly growing every week. 100% of my traffic are mobile game users who are looking for mobile gaming guides for a variety of gaming niches (Clicker/idle, RPG, Puzzle, Casual, etc).
Optimized website My website is very optimized for both desktop and mobile users (82% of traffic is mobile phone traffic). Also, average bounce rate is around 58% and the users average time spent on the site is 3 minutes. This audience isn't going anywhere and are looking around the site.
Affordable Press Kits - If I get people who are interested in press releases/kits/branding, I have contacts in the industry who can provide cheap services.
No revenue sharing - By NO means am I trying to sell you an obligation for revanue sharing in your game. That's not for me.
Free game review if you want - I could always review your game after it is complete for free and post the article on my website.

What's in it for me?
I am trying to build something that will help people. I am already helping thousands of users find the answers to mobile games by providing guides. I now want to help the indie devs with their journey.
I DO run ads on my website. By you using my website, you agree that I would be showing ads on your pages. There is a possibility that my site will become bigger which in turn equates to more ad revenue.
Selling press kits/branding in the future If devs wanted this, I would make some profit off of the kits. Don't worry, they would still be massively affordable!

Alittle About Me
My name is Josh. I have been gaming for over 15 years now. Started with consoles, grew to mobile games and apps. I completed a coding bootcamp over a year ago and do project management on the software dev side. I love to create websites (using Wordpress)  and performing SEO (search engine optimization) on them. My passion has always been gaming. I have created several gaming youtube channels (one has over 1 millions views and 6k subs) and tried to do the game streaming thing on twitch (lol). My passion is the video game industry. Gaming in all niches and aspects will continue to become big in the future. My opinion is that mobile gaming and esports will continue to grow on a global scale. Read more about me here - https://mobilegamershq.com/about-us/

If you are interested, let me know. You can visit the "contact me" page on the site I posted above or reply here. Let's talk!
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