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Author Topic: The Potato Hierarchy  (Read 274 times)
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« on: May 15, 2020, 02:22:20 PM »

"Blessed are the rulers who determine who is big and who is small for they shall be known as tools."

I've been thinking about hierarchies and why I never felt I fit in with the indie (in de club) style organization. The old way of thinking about indie dev is to create a sort of a pyramid hierarchy. There are tiers and essentially everyone sticks to their tier. Some high level indies, some low level, and the ones at the top get the most rewards, but essentially it is profoundly difficult to go up a notch.

I know in the olden days Derek himself would rail on the deadly "spammers" yes these people who "just want to talk about their work" and not ingratiate themselves with the tip of the pyramid. Indeed they must be stopped! They simply want to have successful projects and for games they may have worked on for years to get some kind of reward, so they post about their work in a place like tig thinking that indie devs would be interested in a bit of work that was created independently of the whole pyramid: how wrong they are! Of course Derek's thread about his game is posted in the correct forum subsection and thus it is not spam!

I say boo to this whole system! Instead I propose the potato hierarchy: instead of a tiered pyramid, where only the best of the best enjoy the spotlight, and the rest is all drips, I suggest organizing it more like a 3 dimensional blob: a potato. Now there will still be tiers, some people are more talented and at the "top" of the potato, while some people are less talented and at the "bottom" of the potato, because lets face it, some games are REALLY bad, while others are excellent (even Spelunky cannot be denied that it would be at the top of the potato.) However, as a blob, the tip wouldn't be so small, and also the bottom rung wouldn't be the biggest chunk. Instead the meaty middle ground would be the biggest segment, with a golden skin at the top and also at the bottom, which would be the smallest chunks.

Now, how does this not devolve into another pyramid style structure where the "top" of the potato isn't just lording over the rest as in the days of pharaoh and his iluminati? Well, I know there were a lot of "invisible nodes" as part of the pyramid structure days, I once heard an indie who was mad at some small fry yell online that "your enemy is ephemeral" so I know there are unseen supports, a third dimension to the pyramid that enforces its structure.

I say NO to this as well: for the potato structure, one must have connections to all levels of the potato to ensure that the starchy blob is structurally sound: a spammer would not be someone who is unknown to the potato, but rather someone who only makes themselves known to the upper crust of the potato! Thus if someone simply kisses butt they will get nowhere with the rest of the potato structure, and if enough of these so called spuds adopt the structure then it would be easy to weed out usurpers without the need to keep the structural dimension hidden away in secret forums or secret email lists or so on.

Indeed! we must not be pyramids, we must be spuds:


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