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TIGSource ForumsJobsCollaborations[REVSHARE] Juggernaut - Looking for Programmers and Artists
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Author Topic: [REVSHARE] Juggernaut - Looking for Programmers and Artists  (Read 142 times)

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« on: June 29, 2020, 09:10:44 PM »

Hello world! I am Brett, lead and sole developer of Juggernaut.

I have invested over $5,000 into the project and hundreds of man hours. I now feel I am ready to begin outreaching for additional help. I will support the game's development financially as much as I am able, but for the most part, all compensation will be revenue share. The amount can be agreed upon ahead of time and discussed. We are also starting up a Patreon, and will be launching a kickstarter when we have something physical to show. None of this will be going to me in any capacity and will be used directly to people working on the game and anything else that may be necessary.

I am in primary need of a programmer or 2, who would be using UE4's blueprints as the primary language. I am not expecting serious experience seeing as anyone with experience will be looking at real and immediate compensation, and am willing to accept someone with little-to-no experience. In short, I need more hands.

Secondarily, I will also need 3D artists, preferably ones who can also rig and animate. I am willing to accept any and all help, from a PR and marketing to a musical composer and of any level of experience. Any help will only improve upon the existing development.

Most everything except the actual gameplay mechanics have been developed to some extent. Obviously gameplay mechanics will be the most important part and so it is now that I reach out to ensure it can get the most love and care. The UI and menus still need work and the heroes need rigging and clothes to rig onto them.

What is Juggernaut? It is a MOBA being developed by me, one in which is very unique from the current market. Elements from the world's most popular games will have been incorporated in such a way that makes every match feel like a completely new game. Through an algorithm, heroes will be forever balanced (ideally) and there will never be a formed meta. It is designed to be a game easy to play and impossible to master. It will be a medieval fantasy themed, lightly stylized game.

I understand that is a poor description of something you are going to work on. I like to keep my cards close to my chest until I have something to show. Of course, those working on it will know every piece of how the game will work and what we are doing behind the closed door.

If you're willing to put in the hours knowing there is a chance you won't receive any compensation and you don't completely have any idea what you are going to be working on yet, you can reply here or send me a message.

Experienced people will get to improve on their resume ensuring they can get a small role in a large company or get a large role in our small company. Inexperienced people will gain experience while building their resume or be guaranteed a position in our company-to-be. Once established, I am more than willing to overcompensate for time and effort as money is not of interest to me and that opportunity would be impossible without your help.
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