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Author Topic: Limuy Yapit team looking for 2D Visual Artist  (Read 173 times)

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« on: July 06, 2020, 01:24:36 AM »

We are an Austrian, a French and a Taiwanese students working on our new game project: a short story-driven exploration and puzzle game about a foreigner encountering an Indigenous village in Taiwan. Our game will be based on the culture, language and traditions of Atayal, Indigenous people in Taiwan.

The game focuses on the main character Sophia, who finds herself stuck for a few days in an Indigenous village in the mountains. By exploring the village, playing with the kids and discussing with the elderlies, she will progressively discover fragments of the Atayal culture and language, thus allowing her to perceive supernatural events around her associated with the indigenous folklore.

The game will be a side-scroller, with casual puzzle elements using the words of Atayal language to interact with the people and with the environment.
Limuy Yapit won't be an educative game but rather a cultural game, in the sense that will invite the player to discover more about Atayal identities.


We would like to welcome a visual artist in our team, to cooperate with us during the production of the game and to create the game's visual atmosphere, as well as character design and user interface.

If you join our team, we will discuss with you about our creative vision, and try to make it match with yours so that all of us can enjoy the process of creation! We haven't decided on a fixed art style yet, so your proposals are welcome.
Our plan is to produce a first game prototype by the end of October, and then to ask for subventions for cultural works of art in Taiwan.
Once the first prototype finished and if we receive a grant, you will be remunerated for your work with us as an artist and we will carry on for at least three more months to achieve a complete game.

Feel free to contact us, and to provide a link to your portfolio or some samples of your previous visual creations.
Talk to you soon!
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